25 Design Winner and Eddie with Senator Hair

As promised…the winner of the Twenty Five Design Giveaway is….

Yay, Abigail!  Email me at ksluiter (at) hotmail (dot) com
You have 48 hours (until noon on Monday) to claim your prize or else I will choose another!
And then because I just couldn’t do a post strictly about a winner, I thought I would show you what happens when Cort bathes Eddie when I am not home…
Cortney combed Eddie’s wet little head down all slick and straight…
He apologizes to Eddie on the daily for the curls.
But I love them!  They are so cute.  Although….
Having his hair combed over like a little senator is cute too!
Hope your weekend is going fabulously!!!
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  1. My son has a constant comb-over. Brandon loves his hair parted like that and has a fit if I do it any other way.

  2. My son has a comb over because the cowlick makes it fall that way by default…we call him Donald Trump when his hair gets long…hmmm…halloween costume?

    Tell Eddie that Chunky says comb overs are coolio 🙂

    PS. Smooches for the bday wishes!

  3. Drat! I didn't win. I love combing Joshua's hair at night before bed!

  4. What a little cutie!

  5. And a fine senator indeed.

  6. moosh in indy. says

    never! apologize for curls! NEVER!

  7. What a little cutie! That hairdo is very classy! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  8. missy widener says

    ha! love it! we do that to the boys' hair, too, and when presley has it done to his hair and smiles? oh my WORD. hilarious. eddie looks fabulous any way but I must say I DO love those curls….and boo to not winning again but I love to play anyways!!