Sluiter Home Tour: Where we Chow Down

This is the circle of friends.  A co-worker friend got this for me as a gift a couple years ago and I love it.  It’s place is in the center of our dining room table–because I always pictured the dining/kitchen area as a place to gather.

I posted about the kitchen half of our kitchen/dining area a couple weeks ago.  This week we are jumping the island to take a peek at where we eat the food that is prepared.

It’s not very big.  It is not very big AT ALL.  In fact? This area is tiny.  We all get a little squeezed in when we have friends over.

And you can see that this area also doubles as the home office area for now.  We are working on that though.  Hopefully by the end of the year our laptops will live downstairs on the desk.  But for now?  Kitchen table.

Which causes clutter.  Which stresses me out.


Besides the circle of friends and our cool high top table, this is really my most FAVORITE thing in the dining area…maybe in the whole house.  This painting was done by our very best friend, Mat, (of m9 design).  He was just starting to do large, custom paintings out of his apartment back in Chicago.  We sent him this picture from our visit to Seattle:

He took the top and  made it into an awesome painting for us.  and he changed the time on the clock to read 6:18 since that is our anniversary:  June 18. And he made the sky blue, since that is just happier and looks better in painting form.

It is one of the first things you see when you come into my home, and I LOVE that!

One of the LAST things I want you to see is this:

Admittedly this looks REALLY good right now.  Cortney cleaned it up.  It was so bad that it gave me anxiety that soon we would have nasty bugs living in our house feasting off what Eddie left behind.

And splat mat or not, the carpet in this area is GROSS.

And so are the blinds next to his chair.  He enjoys rubbing his nasty hand on them.  I realize vertical blinds are not the worlds most beautiful window treatment to begin with, but this?  Makes them barfable.

I have a love-hate relationship with our dining area.  While I love the things we have put in it to make it ours and to make it cozy, I also hate that this is where many frustrations occur.

The battles with Eddie over not flinging food.

Budget discussions.

The battles with Eddie over eating certain foods.

Eddie getting stuck under chairs.

The constant clutter of having our computers and “work” on the dining room table.

But even with all those frustrations?  This is the place that we spend the most time together.  We eat all of our meals here together.  We chat and laugh here together. We discuss our days and our troubles and our joys here.


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  1. HarmSkills says

    yuck i cant imagine having carpet in the dining area. we have hardwood and they are nasty! as are the walls near the high chair. ahh life with a toddler

  2. Yeah, those splat mats get the big chunks, but unless you feed him in a plastic bubble, the floors and the walls are fair game!!

  3. Blair@HeirtoBlair says

    I am convinced that our high chair is the NASTIEST place in the house. & the floors around it? Barf-worthy. There is no way to keep the thing as clean as I'd like it to be.

    Our kitchen table is so cluttered with mail, to-do lists, high chair, groceries…sigh. It's life, I guess.

  4. Our kitchen counter is the dumping ground. And the table? Parking spot for purse and backpack and such.

    That picture is beautiful! And inspiring 🙂 Makes me want to go paint

  5. LOVE that painting!! did you know I live right up the street from Pike Place Market?? AND! Worked in the original Starbucks there?? Fun facts 🙂

  6. Booyah's Momma says

    That painting is awesome. Love Pike Place market! And it's so neat that he customized the clock… what a great touch.

  7. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says

    Yes, I am clutter crazy person too.

    No one understands us!

    And I love that statue on the table. I love funky cool stuff like that. Reminds me that I have some paintings from South Africa that I've been meaning to frame and hang.

    For about four years now.

    I am a great procrastinator.

  8. Funky Mama Bird says

    I was nodding along with a lot of this. Our laptops end up in the kitchen all the time, the underside of the table is just gross, the window is covered in baby hand prints. Ugh.

  9. Have you seen my kitchen walls? Or ceiling for that matter. Eeeks. We like to call it our Picaso kitchen. Who knows what is lingering on them walls. I think it comes with the toddler territory.

  10. We have space in our kitchen for a table which is where we eat our meals. I love my dining room dinners though. They feel so fancy.

    And i love your painting!

  11. Mungee's Ma says

    On my breakfast nook table (where we eat all our meals): Laptop, newspaper, coupons, wipes, salt & pepper shakers, napkins, camera, receipts, cheerios, bibs, coasters, placemats … I think that about covers it.

    I am feeling you on the cluttered aspect 🙂