Potter Picnic 2010

This past weekend was the annual Potter Picnic–Cort’s mom’s side of the family.  There are five siblings in my mom-in-law’s family and each of the five sibling families wore a different color T-shirt.  Ours?  Yellow!

The Potter Picnic is fun, but it is SERIOUS fun! It is NOT your mediocre, run-of the mill family reunion.  OH NO…

It all starts out with games…tournament style…where you get to compete for prizes.  There is something for EVERYONE.

Ladder Ball (or as we Sluiters call it, Hilly Billy Golf)
Cornhole (yes, that is the real name of this game.  what can I say?  we are classy)
more corn hole…just because we all needed one more giggle at the name.
Horse shoes
Yes, there were even written quizzes.  The Potter family?  They take competition seriously.
and you can’t leave until you guess how many m&ms or what the three objects in the coffee can are.
And you KNEW there was a score board, right?
And Grandpa and Grandma Potter?  They supervised and enjoyed watching us run amok.
And the littlest Potter also did some supervising.  Oh hey, Miles!
The trophies:  which totally went to the Red Shirts (Keith Potter family) AGAIN this year.  I think they have everyone by sheer numbers in their family!
Debate over the scoreboard.
Did I mention it’s serious business?  Because it SO is.
Even Eddie found it fun to run around the playing fields (yes, there are even regulation lines chalked in.  SERIOUS, people.)
The yellow team?  We did not do so well.
But Cody totally represented by qualifying to climb the rope!  And he did it with speed AND agility!  We were so proud!
We all watched the climbers.  They were pretty amazing.  And?  I am glad I didn’t have to try because I am fairly sure I would have hurt myself in more than one way.
The yellow team in their glory…with G&G Potter
The entire Potter Picnic.  We are so dang lucky to have this much love in just ONE of side of the family!
Such a fun day…even if we had to leave before dinner because Eddie was LOSING it from lack of nap.
And I think?  Grandpa and Grandma had a pretty happy day too!

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  1. What a cool idea for a reunion. That's my kind of reunion!!

  2. That is so cool!! I'm mad jealous of that awesome idea!! My dad was an only child, and my mom has three brothers, but the two surviving live all the way down in New Orleans so we don't see them often. But we (my parents, siblings and our spouses) often get together for family game night. Our personal favorite is either Trivial Pursuit or Pit, in which we get excruciatingly loud.
    And that picture of the yellow team, you are totally cheesing it.

  3. Pumpkin and Piglet says

    Wow! That is some family reunion, it looks like a lot of fun 😀 My family on my Mum's side is huge but we all so rarely see each other, it's sad. I love the photo of all of you together!

  4. Sarah @ Ordinary Days says

    This kind of stuff is right up my alley. Can I join the yellow team?

  5. Sippy Cup Mom says

    That looks like so much fun! I would love for my family to do that!

  6. I think my competitive self would love this.

    But now my plans for the first birthday party seem rather mediocre.

  7. makemommygosomethingsomething says

    You guys are seriously hardcore!! I've never been to a family reunion…probably because we all hate each other…kidding…just a little…no seriously…just kidding.

  8. That is the coolest thing ever! I wish my family was awesome like that. 😉

  9. SO FUN!! This is the coolest idea ever!! I'm so going to throw this at our family for the next reunion. Love the different colored shirts for every family, too!

  10. Wow!

    I am all kinds of jealous and impressed.

    Our family reunions always look more like that Seinfeld episode where they talked about the Festivus holiday.

    And now?


    Yeah, like that.

    Yours looks much more fun.

  11. Missy@Wonder, Friend says

    I think that is just so amazing. What a great family!!

  12. Would ya look at the size of those trophies? Whoa!! Sounds fun though. Love the color coordinated teams too. I'm trying to play catch up still and finally got around to adding you to my blogroll. My google reader intimidates me a bit. Maybe now I'll do better. haha.

  13. sheaintheavy says

    dude! we play cornhole all the time. cept we call it baggo. either way me and jim are like world champs :)so i'm classy too.