Fourteen Months

My Eddie Bear is now fourteen months old.  We just realized that we now can say, “at this time last year you were…” because he has been around for longer than a year!

As i was getting him dressed the other day I chuckled about the fact that at this time last year?  I almost NEVER put pants on him.  Just a onsie and socks.

Now we are lucky to GET clothes on this guy!  He tends to wiggle away and RUN when he is nude!  After a bath?  He makes a break for it!  Because playing with toys is fun, but playing with toys in the nude? Way better.

He is also getting pretty darn creative about WHERE he plays.  In fact, he can usually get himself into these spots, but has developed a most annoying WHINE when he cannot get himself out.

He is also VERY helpful.  If one of us is trying to do something, Eddie will be right there trying to help us out.  In this case, Cort was trying to fix the igniter on the gas stove.  Don’t worry, no one was blown up.

Eddie is getting unbelievably smart.  This could just be my mommy brag talking here, but what other kid would grab the muffin pan, and then promptly put each of his little peoples and their animals in each holder.  And then find a couple other toys when he realizes there are still vacancies in the muffin pan? 

Seriously though, he is all inquisitive and likes to put things where they belong (the gate by the steps is supposed to be closed.  All doors are closed.  Pillows get set on the couch. Etc). or where they will fit (anything that is small enough DOES go into the ball popper, for instance.).  He likes to figure out things like his shape sorter and his duplo blocks.

And he is still quite the eater.  He eats ONLY table food now.  Very rarely do we prepare something different for him.  (Here he is eating chicken nuggets, melon, and avocado with milk in his sippy.)  He knows when he is full and let’s us know by either threatening to toss his plate to the floor, or, if we are not paying attention, actually throwing the plate on the floor.  And then whining.

Have I mentioned the whining?  Yes, it is a new, not fun thing about 14 months.  He throws tantrums (throwing things and hitting) when he is displeased.  We are handling it pretty well trying to teach discipline by giving time outs and taking him away from certain situations.  He is strong-willed, that is for sure, but little does he know…we are MORE strong-willed.  Bwhahahaha!

Oh yes, and those curls?  Are coming in nicely, as you can see.  I think I hear Cort tell Eddie every day, “I’m sorry son.” or “someday?  You will have two choices for haircuts.  Short or Long.”  As cute and soft and lovely as they are now?  They will be Cort’s hair someday if history tells us anything.  But I am ok with that because I think it’s cute.

It’s hard not to love those chubby cheeks and that curly hair.  I probably cuddle up to that face a million times a day.  And he is giving more and more “kisses” lately too.  And he is getting some verbal communication.  He has words for Mama and Dada.  But he knows “all done” and “night night” and “nom noms” (for food).  He recognizes them when we use them and is starting to imitate them back to us.

Yes, this little guy sure is different at 14 months than he was at 2 months!  But I am getting more hugs and kisses and cuddles and chattiness, so I will take it!

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  1. Funky Mama Bird says

    I have to admit I'm loving 14 months over here. With the exception of the tantrums. Those can exit, stage left. And I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one chasing a naked baby butt through the house!

  2. mommytojenna says

    I want to eat his face! Isn't it crazy how quickly they change? I am still awed by it every single day. I wish I could slow it down just a little!!

  3. What??? Didn't he just turn 1 last week?? How did 2 months go by already. Crazy! Cute pics.

  4. Pumpkin and Piglet says

    Gorgeous pics and gorgeous little man! I can't believe he's 14 months, I swear it was only his birthday a couple of weeks ago!

  5. this is a great age!!! Noah is 19 months, but i love this age. so interactive and curious!! and look at that little bum!! 🙂

  6. HarmSkills says

    yeah wasnt it just his first birthday? summer has gone slow, but fast. happy 14 months

  7. Mungee's Ma says

    How adorable! Oh the whining. I can't believe the temper tantrums are starting to set in already. At Mungee's 1 year doctor's appointment? They gave us literature about temper tantrums, sleep problems and time-outs. Thank you?

  8. Enjoy it! Soon enough he will be 16. Mwahaha!! Seriously, this is a fun time when all the world is new. 🙂

  9. Love this post! The pics are to die for, especially that bare tushy. 🙂

  10. makemommygosomethingsomething says

    This post made me smile! Happy 14 months Eddie

    PS. Chunky says that sans clothes is the ONLY way to go.

  11. Dear God he's so handsome.

  12. Grace @ Arms Wide Open says

    such a fun age! it's amazing to me how incredibly fast year number 2 goes. crazy.

  13. aw, i love his sweet little face in that first photo! our little guy is 15 months, and the little tantrums are much more frequent… i find them hard to not laugh at because they're so ridiculous. enjoy that cutie!

  14. He is so cute. Love those baby buns!

  15. Love it! Love it all. ::sigh:: Our kids would be best friends.

  16. missy widener says

    so so CUTE! his hair is getting so blonde and curly and LONG! I am telling you, from behind, I don't think you would be able to tell who presley or eddie is! love it! and eddie whine? nevah. he is the sweetest little man ever. and the muffin tin thing is pure genius. I knew it from the moment I first met him anywhos.

  17. He is just too, too cute!

  18. torie@Life With Rylie says

    Oh my he is so cute! I love the picture of him looking under the stove with daddy. So precious! Happy 14 motnhs!

  19. The picture of him playing in the nude is the cutest thing ever. My 10-month-old throws a fit whenever I try to get a diaper on him and squirms and crawls away as quickly as possible..I can only imagine what its going to be like when he can walk..!