Back To School Bonanza Giveaway #1: Tie a Little Ribbon

I am going BACK TO SCHOOL this week, and I thought I would end the summer with a bang…of giveaways!

Krystal over at Tie a Little Ribbon Boutique makes the absolute CUTEST hair accessories for little girls (and big girls too!)  I “met” Krystal via twitter, and because she was sassy and hilarious, I headed on over to her blog and her boutique and my uterus about squeed for my to have a little girl JUST so I could get some cute hair clippys and headbands!

Krystal “specializes in no-slip clips and headbands,” and she loves to do custom orders!  And?  The best part?  You don’t have to be teeny to where what she is making!

 Even though these precious itty bitties would look SOOO cute in little piggy tails or perched atop a head of curls, she also can make flowers for YOUR hair 
Ahem, mine are on their way to my house as I type this.  I’m just saying.  Teachers have to look nice for back to school too you know.

See?  So dang cute!

You can find Krystal’s blog, Tie a Little Ribbon here, and follower her on twitter here.

I am SO excited to announce that The Sluiter Nation Back To School Bonanza’s first giveaway is $15 of store credit to Tie a Little Ribbon!

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment here telling me what you love best about Tie a Little Ribbon!

For anyone who wants a couple more chances at winning, you can also…

  • Tweet about this giveaway: “Sluiter Nation is going Back To School with @tiealitleribbon!  Check out their giveaway at ” (make sure you come back and leave a separate comment telling me you tweeted!)
  • “Like” Sluiter Nation on facebook (come back and leave a separate comment telling me you do).

 Three ways to win!  Good luck!

**This giveaway closes at 1:00pm est on Thursday, August 26, 2010 (which is also the day of my first Back to School meeting).  The winner will be announced Friday!

**Disclosure:  Tie a Little Ribbon is providing the spoils of this giveaway.  I was not provided with any free product, and my opinions couldn’t be bought anyway.

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  1. Morning! Told you I'd be here!! Anyway, I love love LOVE the fact that the clips stay in! Don't need hair clips that fall out so baby can choke on them!

  2. And I liked you on Facebook!

  3. AND! Tweeted about your giveaway!

  4. So, I think a little flower for my hair would look AWESOME when I rock the messy bun because I'm in a hurry in the mornings!

  5. and you can SO count on me to tweet this. (I already did!)

  6. Annnnd, I like you on FB! Woot! Pick ME.

  7. I LOVE the little alligator clips. ADORABLE!

  8. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  9. I like you on FB.

  10. MamaOnDaGo says

    I like Tie A Little Ribbon's sassy attitude but she just happens to make cute hair bows. My little girl is starting preschool, she'd look adorable in a new hair bow.

  11. So cute – I love the purple flower headband – I would love to get that for my niece!

  12. I'm a Sluiter FB fan!

  13. Tweeted

  14. Mama Lungo says

    I love that her little girl and my little girl have the same name!

  15. Mama Lungo says
  16. Mama Lungo says

    Liked you on facebook!

    PS you can like us back if you want:!/pages/The-Lungos/141001355910057?ref=sgm

  17. I LOVE all things girly. I love hair clippies and flowers and ribbons and all pretties.

  18. missy widener says

    of COURSE I am a fan of sluiter nation.

  19. missy widener says

    um pretties in my little audreylito's hair? love it. and love little clippies. must. win.

  20. Andrea (@mamachaplin) says

    i love the fact that as i was scrolling through the clips, my daughter wanted every single one of them!

  21. Andrea (@mamachaplin) says

    i tweeted the giveaway too!

  22. Andrea (@mamachaplin) says

    AND i "liked" you on Facebook 🙂

  23. Lindsay Williams says

    Awww… The ribbons are sooo cute! Love how sweet and frilly and girly they are! Ok – so I don't technically have any daughters (two boys), but I am hoping to get preggers soon and am hopefully for a little girl. And if that doesn't work out I am at least hoping that either my pregnant sister or pregnant sister in law will give me a little niece! 🙂

  24. Leni's mama says

    Confession? I am obsessed with headbands for my daughter. It's obnoxious, really! I want to win this one- tweeted about this giveaway already!

  25. Ahh! I need to win this! I am obsessed with putting bows in Kaylie's hair!! I love all of them and want them all 🙂

  26. I like you on Facebook!

  27. love the alligator clips!

  28. like you on fb!

  29. Jonna Papke says

    these are cute they would look cute in my neices hair

  30. designHER Momma says

    dude – my girls have like no hair accessories. so sad really. I love their selection, lots to choose from!

  31. designHER Momma says

    I've liked, no loved, sluiter nation on facebook for what feels like forever.

  32. The Wild World of Richmond says

    Cute, cute stuff! Love the flowers!

  33. The Wild World of Richmond says

    I tweeted!

  34. The Wild World of Richmond says

    I "liked"!

  35. I just think these are all adorable.

  36. I just tweeted 😉

  37. I looove the alligator clips 🙂

  38. Tweet tweet


  39. I like you on FB already!

  40. So adorable! Would make a great gift for my also adorable niece.

  41. Like you on Facebook.