Viva Las Broncos!

I think I may have mentioned before that I attended Western Michigan University for my undergrad, yes?

If not…here is a reminder:

This is my super fun group of high school buddies at a Western football game.  Ok, not AT the game. We are tailgating.  I am the crazy skinny lass on your left on the bottom.  And my sweet Cortney is that lanky lad on the right (wearing a Georgetown sweatshirt?  What?)  Yes, the WMU days were fun.

Besides having lots of my “old school” buddies with me, I met some lovely ladies in my years of college.  They were my first friends when I was just a lowly freshman washing dishes in the dorm cafeteria and they were wise sophomores.

They welcomed me into their fold o fun.  They brought me to my first college parties.  They stumbled home with me from Knollwood (hey freshman!  Where’s the Par-tay!?!  That was for you, Erin, my dear).  They even sucked it up and became my housemates for a year.  AND they introduced me to a very lovely lady, their friend Tara, who would become my immediate partner in crime.

I have loved these ladies since our college days.  When they started graduating, we vowed to get together at least once a year…and we have kept that promise.

Half of us live on the West side of Michigan and half live on the East side, so we go back and forth.  Sort of.  I don’t have pictures (because I didn’t have a digital camera yet), but we started back in 2000!  I know, crazy!  Kristin was the first to get married, so we started at her house (East side). We all stayed overnight back then too because some of us were still college students and sleeping in a REAL house was better than going back to a crappy apartment.

In 2001 we gathered at Whitney’s house (West Side).  It was our first dinner party as a group.  I remember not knowing how to act since we were all used to eating pizza rolls while sitting around a living room.

In 2002 it was Kim’s house (West Side, but south).  We were actually drinking wine because we were all graduated now and so grown up.

In 2003 we were at Tara’s house (East side).  I had a boyfriend named Cortney who I brought with me for the first time AND the first baby came along to the party via Whitney. 

In 2004 we were at Erin’s house (East side).  She may have had some Sangria and forgot to make food.  May have. Which was awesome because we were reminded that it hadn’t been THAT long since were were foolish college kids.

In 2005 we were here in Sluiter Nation (West side).  Cort and I were newlyweds and excited to host.  I made a full on turkey dinner.  Because I wanted to prove I could go all Martha on them.  That will not happen when it is my turn again.

In 2006, we started over at Kristin’s.  And I had a digital camera.  See:

Top row: Kim, Kristin, Whitney
Bottom row: me, Erin, Tara 

Um.  We do NOT have to talk about anything I am wearing in this picture.  Or my nasty hair.  Or that weird necklace.  Just. Don’t. Talk. About. It.

In 2007, we were back at Whitney’s.  Again, I have a picture:

By this time there were many kids roaming around.  Some even made it into the pictures.  Because kids do that.

2008 it was back to Kim’s, but it ended up being in 2009 because of all the snow and busy holiday schedules.

And yes, I was large and in charge.  Because of this scary weather driving, we chose to change the parties to the summer.  Oh yeah, and everyone’s houses were just getting too small for the growing number of kids everyone was having!

So, last summer, we were at Tara’s:

Do you like how we did this all prom-like?  We are cool.  We did one with all the kids too.  So you could see what I mean by explosion of kids:

This past weekend we got together again, and if you were paying attention, it was Erin’s turn this year:
There we all are.  Looking good for seasoned momma’s I might add! I didn’t pick the most flattering shirt, but I did wear a flower in my hair.  So there is that.
Next year it is back in Sluiter Nation which  means we will have come full circle for the second time.  Twelve years of keeping up with my Lady Broncos.
We don’t see each other much, but thanks to the interwebs and facebook, we at least know what is going on with each other.
I love these ladies fiercely.  We may have changed a little from our college days, but we all still have the same love of all things Bronco and for each other!
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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Garcia Family says

    That is so cool how you all still get together! WOW. What a LOT of kids! (BTW, I think you looked just lovely in the yellow shirt! Don't be so hard on yourself!)

  2. Pumpkin and Piglet says

    Lovely! I think it's amazing that you've all kept in touch and I love that you all meet up each year. You can see in the photo's how happy you all are just to be in each others company. I'm in touch with so few friends from college but Facebook helps.

  3. I love, love, love that y'all get together like this. I wish my friends and I had the money to see each other like this, but with us spread out so far it's hard.

    And wow! You're right – BAM! KIDS!! lol.

  4. That is so awesome that you continue to get together like that! 🙂 And all of the kids are a total bonus to your gatherings! HOW fun!

  5. I love that you still get together with your college friends! LOVE!

  6. designHER Momma says

    Friends, old and new, are fantastic.

  7. I think that is awesome that you ladies still get together. There were TONS of kids but all so lovely. Awesome just awesome 🙂

  8. torie@Life With Rylie says

    I love that you still get together! I love the picture with all the kids! My college friends don't have kids yet, heck they aren't even married but one day we will do this too!

  9. Kim Roberts says

    For the 2006 picture, you forgot to mention that three of us were preggos at that time and possibly not looking our best. 🙂


  10. Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year says

    LOVE this. You are so lucky to have that many close friends from college that you keep in touch with. I had two, five years out of college and now, almost 10 years later, other than through Facebook, I've lost touch with both of them as well. So your post made me a little sad for me, but so happy for you.

  11. Trisha V. says

    this is so great! how fun and I can hear you saying "BAM KIDS" hahaha!! great post!