Hungry? For a Giveaway?

Remember how I said I wanted to buy more locally?  Well, one of my family’s FAVORITE–locally owned–places to eat lately is Zoup!  Holland JUST opened a Zoup! franchise this spring and we have been completely addicted.  Seriously?  We go about once a week minimum.  I know it’s a franchise, but it’s locally owned by a super cool family.*

*this family just happens to be related to me, but I would eat there if it was a different family too.  Just sayin’.

Usually we use their super-convenient online ordering.  We can order AND pay online and just skip the long lines at the store and pick it up.  And there ARE long lines…because it’s so dang good!

The staff is SUPER friendly!  They are starting to remember us and that we are usually online order customers.  Which is funny because they get a really confused look when we just stop in to eat.

And even though we usually take our order and eat at home, the restaurant is so clean and open!  We ate in yesterday and they had high chairs that were clean (we all know most places have a hard time with this), floors that we let Eddie walk on, a table we felt fine putting his food directly on, and a super friendly staff.

For anyone unfamiliar with the whole concept behind Zoup!, it’s most famous for his (addictingly) yummy soups.  They offer up to 12 different soups every day, and the best part?  They TOTALLY encourage taste-testing!  I mean, you could ask to taste EACH soup and not only do they let you?  They WANT you to!  My favorites so far are the lobster bisque (which they have every day) and the crab corn chowder.

They also have super yummy sandwiches (Cort’s favorite thing to pair with soup) and WAY yum salads (I like to get the Asian Chicken salad with my soup).  You also get fresh bread.

Cortney and I could not love this place anymore than we do.  Seriously.  You NEED to try it.  So, we (Sluiter Nation and Zoup! of Holland) have a Giveaway!!!

Win a $20 gift certificate to Zoup!
to the Holland, Michigan Zoup! only.  Sorry non-locals.
 This?  Is a super great prize.  Cort and I usually both eat for under $20!  So it’s at LEAST two meals…free!
Mandatory Entry:
Head over to Zoup! of Holland’s facebook page, “like” them, AND then tell them what you love about Zoup!   (If you’ve never been to Zoup!, tell them why you are excited to try it!)  
Make sure to tell them you’re from Sluiter Nation.  Then come back here and leave a comment that you did your entry (only entries left in my comments can be counted in the draw for the gift card.)  This is worth ONE entry.
For all you overachieving Zoup! Lovers:
To earn EXTRA entries you can do each of the following.  But make sure you leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry you do.  Each comment is an entry!
1. “like” Zoup! on FB and come back here and tell me you “like” them.
2. follow Sluiter Nation using Google Friend Connect, Networked Blogs, or Feedburner and then tell me you did in the comments.
3. “like” Sluiter Nation on FB and then come back and tell me you do in the comments.
That is it!  Four chances to win $20 to eat some YUM Zoup!
Wait…need another way to win some free Zoup?  Once you “like” Zoup! of Holland on facebook, you can get clues to the Zoup! Rocks Rock.  What is that?

The Zoup! Rock is hidden somewhere in the Holland/Zeeland area.  Zoup! of Holland leaves clues on their facebook page and if YOU find it and return it to the store?  You get a free meal (up to $10)!  Crazy great deal!  Every time someone finds it, they re-hide it.  ALL SUMMER!

So what are you waiting for?  Enter this giveaway, support local business, and eat some ZOUP!

Terms: Giveaway will run from Thursday, July 1st until July 8 at 6pm EST.  A winner will be drawn using and announced on Friday, July 9 at 8:00 am. Anyone who is local or can be local to the Holland Zoup! is eligible to win this giveaway. You must have a valid email address to enter.  Do not leave anonymous comments without somehow identifying yourself.  Spam, inappropriate, or anonymous comments will be deleted.  Incorrectly done entries will also be deleted.  PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!
Disclaimer stuff:  Zoup! bought my family and me lunch to discuss this giveaway and are provided the gift cards.  My lunch was delicious.  I recommend getting the veggie chips.  They are gluten free!
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  1. OMW I must win this prize, Zoup is my FAVORITE! I did what I needed to on the Holland Zoup FB page…so ENTER ME SO I WILL WIN!

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