Toot, Toot, Toot…

I have become addicted to the blog world.

There, I said it out loud (well, I typed it and that counts, right?).  And recently my efriend, Alisha of A Beautiful Mess: Project Alisha posted about something called “The A List” on a SWEET blog, The Blogger’s Concierge.

Wait…there is an A List for blogging?  Well now, I NEED to be on this!  I mean, my son is a rock star, that makes me an A-lister by default, right?

Let’s see…in the world of Hollywood, an A-lister is officially someone who is valuable to the film world which means someone who can bring in an audience, is versatile for roles, can be professional, and is willing to promote their current project.

Sluiter Nation TOTALLY fits all of these A-list qualifications as a blog!

Sluiter Nation can bring in an audience:  I started blogging three years ago just for the fun of keeping friends and family updated.  Most do not know what a “reader” is and needed email updates about once a month.  In the past year, I had a baby and started talking about how our life (and my brain!) is different now…my readership blew up!  And I have the BEST readers!  My blog followers aren’t there just to “hey follow me back” (at least I hope not), they are leaving warm, sincere comments.  They are becoming my friends.  And I read their blogs back!  I feel like even though I haven’t met most of these women (and some guys), we have a special bond.

And the family and friends?  Oh they still read too!  And yes, they still require the link emailed to them about once a month.  I love it!

Sluiter Nation is versatile.  I blog about everything that comes my way in life.  PPD posts?  Got ’em.  Poop posts?  Got ’em.  Pet Posts?  Got those too.  If we experience it, it usually ends up on the blog.  There is a little something for everyone.  I think about what my family and friends might want to hear about, what my mom blogger friends might want to read about, and what I just feel like saying.  At this point I have no sponsors to annoy, so I can say whatever is on my mind…and I usually do!

Sluiter Nation is professional. Yes I blog about whatever I feel like, but come on, anyone can read this, so I try not to swear too much (hi mom!) or discuss work-related qualms (I love my job…don’t need any drama there!).  I don’t air other people’s dirty laundry either.  If I have a problem with someone, it is not going to be all over my blog…unless that person says, “sure, put our differences out there.”–but I don’t see that happening.  Plus, I do want to be marketable to any future sponsors or writing opportunities.  I don’t want to limit my future.

Sluiter Nation is willing to promote current projects:  I tweet and faceboook my current posts.  I join mom blog communities also.  It’s mostly because I am proud of my site.  I am proud of what I do here!  It’s also a talent I have–promoting stuff.  In fact, I am promoting help with an online auction for my sister-in-law’s adoption costs right now.  I love to push things I believe in–and I believe in Sluiter Nation!

And if all those reasons aren’t enough?  Yeah, my son is a rock star.  He just had a party with swag.  Seriously.  A-LIST ROCK STAR!

Sooo…what do you think?  Is Sluiter Nation A-list material?  Should I be picking out my red carpet gown waiting for Joan Rivers to rip me to shreds?

If you think YOU’RE an A-lister, you have until tomorrow visit The Bloggers Concierge and link up!  You could be chosen!

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Can I ask for an autograph from your darn cute rockstar? πŸ˜€ pwetty please with a cherry on top! He looks so adorable and very rockstar-ish in that pic!
    You are definately an A-lister! I just found your blog err 2weeks ago and I'm hooked! You writes so awesomely!

  2. torie@Life With Rylie says

    Definitely an A lister!! Especially with that cute little boy of yours! Glad I found your blog πŸ™‚

  3. Funky Mama Bird says

    Love that photo! Haven't been here long, but from what I've seen you are totally an A-lister.

  4. Hi! Gigi here from TBC. What a terrific post. You have a great vibe to your blog and of course, your baby is just DARLING!! OMG! Makes me want another. Sort of. Not really. But he *is* cute :).

    Look forward to connecting with you on TBC!

  5. You are a definite A Lister…no doubt about it!

  6. Sippy Cup Mom says

    Definitely an A-Lister!

    You need to make up shirts that say Sluiter Nation! πŸ˜‰ Love it!

  7. Heck yeah!!! No doubts here. Your post is great too to boot. I started blogging a couple years ago for close family and friends too. Now I joined SITS and it's like a world has been opened that I knew nothing about. It's nuts. And I love it. I love the connections I make and the wonderful people I meet. Thanks for stopping by my vlog. I hated every minute of it and that's probably why I prefer to be behind the camera. I'm trying to stretch myself though…

    alicia @ a beautiful mess

  8. missy widener says

    broken crate style on the GROUND a-lister who orders *extra* guacamole. and eats it with a spoon. and eddie? just the cherry on top of your super awesome fudge sundae of a blog that I oh so love.

  9. The Empress says

    Absolutely an A lister, because you're an A lister to us.

    Nice post.

    Thank you!