Running With the Proper Gear

Today Cortney and I had the opportunity to go out on a much needed “date day”.  The day started by Cort dropping Eddie off at his daycare and then coming home with Starbucks.  Seriously?  Yummy coffee usually only happens on Sundays…this was a GREAT way to start our “date day.”  Then after some computer time (I may have gotten overly excited and squeeeee-ish over the post I did earlier, can you blame me?), I showered, got ready, and we headed out for the big adventure of the day:  Running Gear Shopping.

On recommendation of many, MANY of you, we headed over to Gazelle Sports in Holland.  Cort’s cousin, Josh works there, so we felt comfortable taking our out of shape butts into a store full of sleek athletes.  At least Josh would be kind.  Family has an obligation too, right?

Anyway, there were LOTS of shoe options (did you notice exhibit A up there?) and I had no idea what we had in store.  So we sat down near the Wall O Shoes with Josh and got to business.  Ladies, first I guess.

He looked at my crappy pair of sneakers (that I bought because they were cute), and then made me walk in my stocking feet away from him and then back.  This is when I was informed I have what I call Fat Girl Walk.  Fat Girl Walk entails walking on the inside of your feet…to the point that your feet start to tilt inward as you walk.  Say what you want, but I’ve gained a TON of weight since college and yes, the title Fat Girl Walk fits. (Especially because when i put on my running shorts?  I get Fat Girl Short-ride…you know…in the inner thigh region.  It’s hot).

Josh then told me I would probably need an insole in my shoe.  Then he asked about any knee or ankle injuries.  I sheepishly told him about spraining my ankle.  From falling down the stairs.  Yeah, not so athletic.  Especially if you consider I was trying to be in a video my brother was making and it was all caught on film.  Shut up.

Anyway, he did NOT laugh at me (because he is a GOOD cousin), and just said that they ankle is probably still affected and that is why my knee hurts.  The right shoe and insole should help.  Then he measured my feet.

Turns out my left foot is a FULL SIZE bigger than my right, and both feet are bigger than pre-pregnancy.  This would explain why my super cute size sevens?  not so comfy.

So he had me try three different pairs of shoes.  Getting them on for me AND tying them.  He said he only does this for the ladies because it seems chivalrous.  If he does it for guys between the age of 10 and 80, it’s just creeper.

I did laps around the store in each pair I tried (and consequently found a million cute things I clearly NEED for working out…shorts, tank tops, CUTE water bottles.)

I finally settled on the pair that wasn’t the cutest, but WAS the best fit.

Then it was Cort’s turn.  All the same procedures for him.  Turns out his walk is just fine.  No weird angling of his feet (Josh says this could be because Cort was athletic in HS.  pffffttt.  I think he was just trying to one-up me somehow).  So he didn’t need insoles. But he did need his feet measured.

Turns out his RIGHT foot is a half size bigger than his left foot.  What are we?  A circus couple?  Anyway, Cort tried on three pairs as well and did his laps.  Josh talked a lot about fit and how many miles we could get on our shoes and what not, but I won’t lie.  I was a bit distracted by this section right next to the running shoes:

yeah, those are all the super cute sandals.  How am I supposed to concentrate on “appropriate footwear” when THESE are staring at me?

Anyway, after the shoes, Josh shamed us for explained to us that wearing cotton socks is actually the #1 cause of blisters because it keeps all the moisture by our feet.  So we bought some “smart socks” that are made of wool and meant to keep the moisture away.  They are weird, but I am trying them.

Then it was time for the purchase.  I was still sort of “browsing” when Cort pulled out the dinero to get our run on.

Marathon Freak?  Yeah, not yet, I’m afraid.  In fact, I’m not even a 5K freak yet.  But I am trying.

Anyway, Cort and Josh talked all about how our names were now in the computer with our purchases, so we can get the exact thing or try something different, but it’s all recorded so Gazelle can be snappy sweet with helping us next time.

Oh, and don’t think I left without something fun.  I told you I was ogling the flippys.  Yup, this cute pair of Tevas came home with me.  Who knew Teva made CUTE sandals?  You probably all did, right?  Well I SO did not.

When we got home it was time to try out the new goods (we also stopped at Best Buy to get arm bands for our ipods).  Check out those new shoes and socks!  I am still getting used to the GRAY sock.  Feels old man-ish, but if it’s supposed to help, I can deal.

My run today was better than Tuesday.  My knee didn’t hurt (good job, shoes!), but the outside of the ball of my foot tingled.  I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because I haven’t ever USED it when running, so it needs to get used to the pressure.  We will see.  I ditched the podcast.  I really don’t like someone telling me what to do.  And opted for Social Distortion’s Greatest Hits.  I ran five spurts today instead of four and each was longer than Tuesday’s.  I ended today feeling like I could do better, rather than wishing the 5K away, which is probably a good sign.

Cort also dug his new gear.  He changed his pace today and did a much better job as well.  Cort liked the new shoes and socks…he said the shoes were like running on clouds.  Ok.

So we will go out again this weekend to complete Week One of training.  Wish us luck!

Disclaimer:  I did NOT get compensated by Gazelle for writing this post.  We went there because it was recommended and we had a great experience.  We will for sure be back and hope you’ll go too!
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  1. YAY! I'm so glad today went better! I'm jealous of the new shoes… well, I can't really see the shoes you got, so I'll admit I'm jealous of you getting your shoes tied FOR you, lol!

    Good Luck this weekend!

  2. Trisha V. says

    I told you the new shoes were like heaven!! So happy you went and did that. Also… I LOVE Tevas, they are cute and comphy. I got a pair on our honeymoon! Glad thing are seeming a bit better, each time it will only get better!

  3. Pumpkin and Piglet says

    Fat Girl Walk?! Hilarious! Ok, I just checked and I have a sneaking suspicion that I have that walk.

    I don't run but I'm glad you like your new shoes and that the running's getting a bit easier. Keep it up! I would have been intimidated by that wall of shoes but the sandals I can cope with, they're cute!

  4. Jennifer Kay says

    Ummmm….no post about your new blog layout? Super cute! Oh and while I was reading this post the only thing that I could think of is "do shoppers wonder why she's snapping so many photos in a shoe store?" Only a fellow blogger would understand. Good for you!

  5. missy widener says

    wowza. the new blog is fabulous, and so professional looking and pretty. love it. and love the pics of you guys with the shoe man. they crack me up. run forrest run!! love you both!

  6. Jeremy and Tonya says

    I had a pair of smart wool sock that were white…however, my FAVORITE socks are balega socks. They rock and the girl ones are white with either pink, purple, or blue. Super cute AND functional. Just another option. Glad to hear your training is getting better.