Becoming Ma Ma Ma Ma: The Wedding

In honor of Eddie’s first birthday coming up this week, I have been posting his birth story.  His birthday story is so involved…and I LOVE IT!

So if you missed the last one, you can find it here…all about how we got caught in the WORST storm our area has seen in a LONG time.  I did not go into labor–even though there were bets that I would.  And so…the story continues with

Part II: The Wedding: June 20, 2009

So after the massive storm, I rolled my massively pregnant self out of bed after about 3 hours of sleep.  I turned on the news and realized the damage to the city was MASSIVE.  I was hoping everyone would still be able to get to the church on time!

The girls had to be there at 9:00 if I remember correctly.  There were seven bridesmaids, a flower, girl, and the bride to get ready.  I got my hair done and proceeded to plop down in a glider, not to get up again until I am told to get my dress on.

Yike!  I totally need make-up, but at least my feet are up!

All during pictures, I had to keep sitting down.  I felt heavy this day. Like Eddie dropped, but I know now he didn’t really, but he was ready to drop.  Maybe that is why everything was just so slow.  I was also a million degrees even though it really wasn’t that hot out.

Um..who is that GIANT bridesmaid on the end?  Oh yeah, that would be me…and Eddie!

My beautiful, little sister-in-law made me feel huge.  Oh wait, no, that was the giant baby in my tummy.  And yes, I rocked some sexy heels for the wedding.  I was NOT going to wear ugly shoes just to be comfortable!

I sort of stuck out from the crowd.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful.  I was the last in line, closest to the pews in case I had to sit down.  Cort was the usher on my side of the church, so he was standing right behind me.  I started to get a little over-heated and felt like I might lose it, but then the ceremony was over, and I proceeded to the back of the church where I sat on the ac unit.

After the wedding the whole wedding party rode a trolley around for pictures.  Well, I did NOT ride the trolley–I wasn’t too keen on jiggling Eddie out yet that evening.  We had to ditch out of pictures early though due to Eddie playing pat-a-cake with my bladder.

The reception was lovely.  I found out later that people were judging when to leave by how long I was there.  People kept saying, “I can’t leave before the pregnant bridesmaid!”  Ha!  And I held on until almost 11:00pm!

I even danced.  Oh yes, I did!  Poor Cortney could hardly get close to me, but there we were!

When I finally got home I just felt exhausted.  Exhausted and far more uncomfortable than I had ever been during the pregnancy.

The next day was Father’s Day, which meant a bunch more family time, and I was definitely looking forward to my doctor’s appointment on Monday day to see if I danced that baby any further to wanting to come OUT.

To Be Continued with The Finale:  Eddie’s Day.

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  1. you rocked that dress & heels! I'm impressed!

  2. missy widener says

    you are so cute pregnant. LOVE love this posting of three to get to eddie….can't wait for more…