Tigers Home Opener! ROAR!

Today was a beautiful day for a ball game…a Tigers Home Opener ball game, to be exact!
We were already to go…to my brother, Chris’s, apartment to watch the game with the Riemersma side of the family.
We were all decked out in our Tiger gear…some of us had newer gear than others.
Even Eddie had his Tiger stuff in support of his team!
Mom and Dad…the reason we all love this team!
Thumbs up for Tigers and $5 Hot n Ready Pies!
Uncle Michael entertained his nephews during the game.
Eddie loves baseball, but he also loves getting attention from everyone else.
Cortney and I love our Tigers!
Eddie found this rocking chair that used to be mine when I was little. I think he loves it. Hmmm…maybe he needs his own little chair.
Nine innings of watching the Tigers kick some Cleveland bootie was just too much for our Wee One. He cashed out by the seventh inning stretch.
He woke back up to play with his cousin, Jack, though! These two are going to be double trouble in NO time!
Tigers Win!!! What a great way to start the home season! Thanks, Chris, for having us all over for such a great day (and Auntie Ashley, we MISSED you)!
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  1. missy widener says

    jack and eddie are so cute together. as in, eddie needs a brother (or sister) heheheeeee….