Sluiter Nation Spin Off

You know how spin-off shows can either be a super great idea or a total flop?

For example, Cheers was a GREAT show.  When it went off the air, NBC created the spin-off Fraiser.  Another HUGE show.

More recently the wildly popular show Grey’s Anatomy had it’s own pretty successful spin off, The Practice.

Then you get the spin-off’s that just KEEP spinning off like All in the Family.  That spun-off shows like Maude and The Jeffersons which in turn created each of THEIR own spin-offs: Good Times (successful) and Checking in (not so much).*

Anyway, what I am trying to say with all this spinoff talk is that Sluiter Nation has sprung a spin off.  That’s right, Cortney has joined the blog-esphere with this tasty nugget:  Tasty Buttered Toast.

While Sluiter Nation concentrates on what our little family is up to and thinking about, Tasty Buttered Toast is more about what Cortney is going through lately:  being a laid off, stay at home new dad, while going back to school for an entirely new career.  I must say, he has wit coming out of his ears, and he definitely looks at things differently than I do, so it’s a great read.

Please feel free to add it to your blog roll or google reader or bookmark list.  You won’t be disappointed!

*Nerd Alert:  If you like to remember spin offs like Just the Ten of Us (spun off from Growing Pains), totally go here!

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