Double Digits

Our Wee One getting less “wee” by the day.  As of yesterday, he is now 10 months old!  So what can he do, you may be wondering…

He’s extremely mobile.  This guy can crawl at the speed of lightening–and when he sees something exciting, he DOES crawl that quickly!

He is cruising along furniture like a champ!  He can even turn from the couch to the coffee table to switch pieces of furniture that he is cruising along.

A couple times he has held onto both the coffee table and the couch and taken a few steps forward instead of just side to side.

He can stand on his own for up to 30 seconds or until he gets too excited about it.  He still grips the floor with his toes when he does it, but he has been doing it more and more lately.

Speaking of feet…he HATES socks lately.  bare feet all the way for this guy!

He loves to share!  He will take his pipey, his snacks, his toys, and hand them to us or try to put them in our mouth.  If we put our hand out when he finds something (um, cat food?) that he shouldn’t have, he will place the item in our hand.  We are enjoying this phase since we know that soon enough the “NO” phase will rear it’s ugly head.

Speaking of “no” he totally understands it, although chooses to ignore it sometimes when the “no no” item is just too wonderful (the expensive TV?) to resist.

He officially has four teeth on the bottom and four starting to poke through on top.  His mouth is like an explosion of pearly whites.

His hair is getting wild.  We still have bets about weather or not it will be curly like Cort’s or curly like uncle Cody’s.  Nobody really believes it will be straight.

He is quite the nature boy.  He LOVES to be outside and crawl through the grass or get pushed in the swing.

He is DANG funny.  Is it possible for a 10 month old to have this big of a personality?  I guess with the family he comes from it’s pretty much a given.

We are having SO much fun with him…in case you can’t tell.

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