Just as Long on the Outside as on the Inside

Yup, that is what Cortney told Eddie today: “you’ve been on the outside now just about as long as you were on the inside.” You know, since Eddie turned NINE months today!

Our little Eddie Bear gets a bigger and bigger personality as his little life goes on…
As you can tell, he isn’t just crawling around, he can also pull himself quite easily to standing near objects now and sit back down readily as well.
He is in to EVERYTHING in our house too! He has discovered everything from the wii remotes to the littlest fuzzy on the floor–and promptly put them all in his mouth.
He has also learned the word, “no”. He knows EXACTLY what it means. He doesn’t always obey–and quite a few little patties have been spanked–but he knows.
He’s had his top tooth try to pop through, and then the gum cover it back up. We are waiting patiently for those little buggers. In the meantime he eats all kinds of snacks and finger foods along with a hefty load of fruits and veggies each day.
Did I mention he is inquisitive? Everything is interesting to him–especially things he can’t have–like electronics. Hmmm…Cortney likes electronics and gadgets too…
And when we tell him, “Edward Steven! No!” He backs away and pouts for a minute. Hmmmm….his momma pouts on occasion. I guess he is a pretty good mix!
This guy is “talking” up a storm too! He says, da da da da when he is happy and maaaa maaaa maaaa when he is sad. Lovely. He is also starting to get upset when someone leaves him–so we have a wee bit of separation anxiety going on. But as you can probably tell, for the most part, he is one happy little boy! And we love that goofy smile so very much!

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