Our Not-So-Wee One

Yes, our little Eddie turned eight months old on Tuesday of this week. I realize it is incredibly cliche to inquire about the whereabouts of time, but seriously, WHERE HAS IT GONE?

Our little buddy is getting crazy talented! In the past month he….

1. Learned to crawl. He started the month off being able to sort of “get around” on his tummy and by rolling. Since then he started to rock on all fours and now he is ALL over the house. Just last night he started in the living room and followed me down the hall to our bedroom, giggling and smiling the whole way. So yes, the gate is up!
2. Has been exploring. Learning to crawl has made Eddie’s world MUCH bigger. He has found cords (which he likes to separate from their plugs…NOT ok!), linoleum (which at first he was a bit unsure of), and vents (which he likes to pound on because they are noisy). Eddie is all about finding everything in our house. It keeps us on our toes for sure AND wondering when he will take his first taste of cat food.

3. Started to ride in carts and sit in high chairs in restaurants. Because daddy no longer uses the infant carrier in his truck, Eddie doesn’t have it to sit in when we go out. He gets to see all there is to see when we go to Russ’ or to Meijer. And you can believe he loves it!

4. Ditched the last of his infant stuff. We were using the infant carrier for my car, but he has just gotten too heavy for it, so we had to buy a convertible carseat for my puny car. He also got too big for his baby tub, so he sits up and splashes in the regular tub now.

5. Has started to actually grow hair on his head. Bath time is funny now when we can make his hair spike out. 8 months and the boy finally has hair.

6. Is starting to wave and clap. When he sees someone or when he realized someone is leaving, he does this cute little thing with his hand that looks like he is just opening and closing it. He has also started to clap, although sometimes he keeps one of his hands in a fist while he does this.

Along with all his new “tricks”, Eddie is growing like a weed. He doesn’t get officially weighed for another month, but I would guess he is around 24 pounds–he eats puffs and stage 2 baby food along with rice cereal and around 28 oz of formula a day. He is wearing 9-month clothes right now, but already starting to grow out of some of them that he got for Christmas.

His smile is still the highlight of our day. Although he seems to be working on his top teeth, he is still one of the happiest babies around. I am pretty sure it is impossible to be grumpy for long when you come home to this little grin!

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  1. missy widener says

    that bath picture is my favorite ever. and hair!! he is going to have so much of it soon, it is going to be madness, the good kind! really, where did the 8 months go?? were we not just snapping pictures with eddie vedder as a baby?! so. cute.
    ps- the word verification I had to type in is "holla." seriously. this is the coolest day ever.

  2. designHER Momma says

    the house we live in has 4 floors. Yes, we've taken stock in the company that makes baby gates.

    and yes, they grow too, TOO fast.