Six Month Well Baby

Eddie had his 6 month well baby check up today and he was excited as ever to be in the doctor’s office. He (again) enjoyed the paper on the exam table, the difference being this time he can sit and tear at it…just like Christmas!

He weighed in a 20 pounds, 10 ounces this morning and measured 29 inches long. He is still around the 97th percentile for his age in weight and length. His head is still large–47 cm this time–but the doctor is not concerned since he is proportional.

We discussed all the regular things like his fine and gross motor skills, eating, nap schedules, and pooping. He is right on schedule with things like rolling and sitting, and the doc seems to think crawling–or at least getting up on all fours–is not too far away.

He is a BIG eater. Right now he eats: four 8 oz bottles a day, 1 tub of fruits or veggies (split between 2 feedings) about a half cup of rice cereal mixed with apple juice (split between 2 feedings), and the doc just ok-ed giving him about 2 oz of other fruit juice in his bottle a day along with trying some finger foods. Soon he will also be moving to other baby food other than fruits and veggies. So far he will eat ANYTHING we give him, with the occasional funny face at peas, but honestly, who DOESN’T make funny faces at cold, pureed peas? Yuck!

The end of the appointment was immunization time again. Eddie had a TON to get today: 5 shots and an oral one. He likes the oral one (it’s sweet), but not so much the shots. They do two at a time, so he had to be stuck a total of 3 times. He cried when he felt the prick each time, but after he was so brave. No crying as soon as daddy picked him up!
He had all the boosters for the shots he has been getting routinely and then they also added the flu shot and the H1N1 today. Lucky for Eddie, he has those meaty thighs…it could be so much worse!

He slept like a rock as soon as we got in the car and took a huge nap at home. Now he is in his saucer playing all kinds of noisy games and “talking” up a storm. Good old Eddie…

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  1. ohh finger foods fun!! Buy the puffs and get the camera ready! You won't want to miss it!!! 🙂

  2. missy widener says

    ethan is not far behind my friend….and I love him ripping it up on the table…already trashing rooms, you rockstar, you…