New Year, New Things

Eddie’s Granny and Grampy got him a snow suit for Christmas, and daddy and momma got him a new sled. What better day to try it out than New Year’s Day?

Cort was out snowblowing when Eddie woke up from his nap and I decided that would be the perfect time to get our snow gear on and head out to play.

Daddy took us for a ride in the new sled. Ed didn’t say much…or move much. I think he was trying to figure out his big old snow suit and it’s inability to bend.
He did finally figure out how to sit in it. Just in time to watch Daddy zoom down the hill in his new sled.

Eventually he fell over. He just laid there without even complaining. It was too funny. It totally reminded me of the movie A Christmas Story. You know, when Randy is lying there in the snow bank and the narrator says, “Randy just lay there like a slug. It was his only defense.”
I can’t say for sure what Eddie thought of his first snow experience, but I am pretty sure he had the same tactics as Randy…just lay there. He never complained though, and after about 7 minutes of fun, we went back in the house because his little nose was getting pink and cold. I think he had fun, though…it looks like he did, right?

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  1. missy widener says

    that last picture and quote? hilarious. absolutely love it. go eddie.