The Time of Year for Visiting

One of the fun parts of this time of year is all the visiting with friends we get to do. Yesterday (Monday), Eddie and I traveled to Allendale to see some of my friends (Erin, Missy, and Whitney) whom I met back in my college days at WMU. Three of us had babies this summer/fall, so we were eager to get them all together.
Eddie likes to play with kids…or just watch them play. And Presley loves to play with any Sluiter!

We lined our wee ones up from youngest to oldest: Ethan (3 months), Quinn (5 months), and Eddie (6 months). I think Quinn liked being the only girl around. She gave these two boys a run for their money!

Here they are oldest to youngest: Eddie, Quinn, Ethan. Missy and I like to say that Eddie and Ethan are our big boys…as you can see!
Quinn took to Ethan right away! I think it’s because they are about the same size. Ethan is one healthy boy (just like Eddie) and Quinn is just a little peanut.
Eddie and Ethan also got along swimmingly…although I think Eddie was jealous of Ethan’s sweet hair.
Later on that day, the Sluiter packed up and went to Alto to see the Maidas–long time friends of Cort’s dad, Lynne, and all the Sluiter kids. They only come around to visit once a year from New Jersey, so we get very excited for their visit. Joann even brought all the boys a gift this year! Wow were they excited!
Eddie shared his toy with the Visel boys. I guess classic toys never go out of style…although Joe kept asking me to “turn it on”. Hmmmm….
Today the Sluiters headed to Grand Haven to see the whole Widener family. We shared snacks, a fire in the fireplace, and lots of laughs.
Lots of laughs! Everyone got in on those!
Eddie chilled by Jeff…one of his favorite “dudes” to hang with.
Oh, and Audrey, Presley, and Ethan shared their toys with Eddie. LOTS of their toys! And Eddie sucked on every one of them, don’t you worry!
Eddie got some more “hang time” in with his homie, Ethan. These two will be great friends, I just know it!
They even did a little tummy time together. Eddie showed Ethan how to get up on his arms and Ethan showed Eddie his sweet hair do.

Yes, Sluiters love to visit with friends! New Year’s Eve will bring more visiting and we can’t wait! What a great way to spend our holiday time!

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  1. missy widener says

    their little homey picture cracks me up, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking! aww, they are just so cute together, love hanging out with you all anytime!!