Six Months! That’s Half a Year!

Amidst all the job hoopla and all the busyness of the Holidays, our little buddy turned 6 months old today! Cort and I had to take a step back…six months? ALREADY?!?! We’ve been parents for HALF A YEAR already? That is crazy!
Our (not so) little buddy is doing all sorts of moving and grooving! He is sitting up like a champ and only sometimes falls over if he gets a little too excited about a toy or tilts his head back too far to give us a smile. Otherwise we can set him down and let him play!

Sometimes we still put the boppy around him…just in case…especially if we aren’t going to be sitting right down there with him while he plays.
Besides being able to hold his own bottle (and eat while doing it) occasionally, he has also ventured into the world of non-bottle food. He started eating rice cereal just before turning 5 months (right around when he cut his first couple teeth), but now he has also tried bananas, apple sauce, peas, and peaches. As you can see, peas were not his favorite, but aside from some hilariously disgusted faces, he ate it all!
He was much happier today when he tried peaches. Those two little teeth he has must be sweet ones!
Further advancements this month include:

  • rolling over on his tummy in the night to sleep. Every morning we find him on his tummy–Cort jokes that he sleeps (and wakes up) just like his momma
  • he is finding his vowel sounds and likes to repeat ga ga ga ga and goy goy goy goy a LOT…and we are pretty sure his first word will be “hiiiii!!!” because we say it so much to him and he sounds like he says it too sometimes!
  • he is more and more of a cuddle bug every day–especially when he is sleepy. He seems to wrap his arms around mommy and daddy lately when he thinks we are funny and when he is sleepy–it is so precious! Our first “hugs”!
  • Besides rolling to his tummy from his back on the floor, he can also go from sitting to his tummy by lunging forward. According to the books, this is the first step to getting on all fours and taking off! Look out!

We are so proud of our Eddie Bear! He is growing into such a little man and makes us laugh right out loud every day! His smile is most definitely contagious! We are excited to help him celebrate his very first Christmas in the next couple days!

Happy 6 month “birthday”, buddy! We love you!

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  1. missy widener says

    I think that eddie is starting to look a lot like you, I can't wait to play with him soon! hope he had the best christmas, what a little sweet thing, I love him!