Riemersma Family Weekend Extravaganza

This weekend was the annual Christmas cookie decorating fun on the Riemersma side. Saturday the Sluiters packed up and headed over to get creative. Eddie’s Grandma Riemersma had all the decorating tools ready to go when we got there!
Eddie was more into the waxed paper and how it crinkled than into decorating.
Ashley made some beautiful cookies, while Michael, well, he had a couple good-looking ones. The others? um…well, I wouldn’t eat them.
The naked cookies…
Grandma did the frosting….
along with daddy…

Jack shows off his beautifully tasty creations…

and uncle Chris shows off an ugly CMU cookie. Ew!

So momma makes a pretty WMU one. Just, um, ignore the fact that she didn’t wear any make-up.

A double-decker creation. After this uncle Chris created a “booby trap” cookie that included 3 cookies and a whole LOT of trapped toppings and frosting. We saved that one for Grandpa.

Uncle Mike also thought the goal was to make TALL cookies…

All the finished cookies!

Today we gave Grandpa his “booby trap” cookie. It didn’t have quite the effect we had all hoped for, but my dad did find it tasty! (Also, please take note that my dad is wearing a shirt with fish all over it. Feel free to tell him you saw it here. You’re welcome, dad).

Eddie hung out with his uncle again today.

And we all celebrated our December birthdays: Cortney and Jack. They opened birthday gifts together after a yummy turkey dinner.

Eddie got a little sleepy and couldn’t quite fall asleep with all the fun going on. I can’t imagine what the Christmas parties ahead will do to his sleep schedule! Oh well…it’s just a couple days, right?

Finally it was time to sing and blow out candles. Jack chose chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. YUM!

Today was the start of some fun celebrations for Sluiter Nation. This week we look forward to celebrating another December birthday with all our friends and family!
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  1. missy widener says

    1- love those pants on eddie
    2- that is a whole lotta cookies and candles on the cake
    3- jack already looks older since I photographed him- maybe it is the longer hair
    and 4- I WISH I looked that good without make-up.
    you guys have some great traditions and family is so important, I just love reading about it all.