Sluiter Nation Weather Forecast: Stormy and Uncertain

Ed looks worried in this picture, but not because he found out I got a pink slip today (more about that in a minute), but because he is doing something new that he is pretty unsure about…and so are his parents.
Sometimes doing new things is scary and you stomp your feet because you don’t want to go through it. That is how we felt when Cort lost his job five weeks ago. He is still on unemployment and still looking for something new. He has a great attitude about it because he is trying to see it as an opportunity. But that is still scary. He has never had to make a resume before (thank you, Ashley, for your expertise!) or have a job interview. It’s all new territory–but he is facing it with courage.

Today, I too had a scary thing happen. I received a pink slip at work informing me that the district may not have a position for me next semester (starting Jan 25, 2010). According to my union president, they have laid off twice as many people as they anticipate permanently losing. That means that they expect to call back about half the people who received pink slips. That being said, there are PLENTY of people who are below me in seniority who also were cut today. The probability of me having a job are pretty good, but I may not have my CURRENT position, and the district is 100% positive they will be making more cuts at the end of the year.

With all that information, I have decided to explore other options as far as employment. There are a few things out there that I am looking into. I would LOVE to stay in my current spot–that is clearly my first choice, but if that is not an option, I would rather have something else to turn to than teaching something I don’t love while I wait for them to get to me to cut for good. This is the third year in a row now that I have been waiting to hear about my job, and I don’t know how much longer I can possibly last.

Anyway, like sitting up for the first time, Cort and I are facing new, scary stuff. We are confident that our situations will lead to something great…and Eddie has no idea about what is happening, so he will concentrate on sitting and smiling and making our lives wonderful.
I mean, who wouldn’t smile at this?

Thanks to all of you who are saying prayers and thinking about us. We appreciate it and keep ’em coming!

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  1. missy widener says

    seriously, could you go through any more tough times? so unfair. but your attitude is awesome, like your whole fam. what else would you want to do? and who would teach your class if you don't? I don't understand that at all. ridiculous. but you are right, you will get through it and I love this post and I love lil eddie and his new venture. can't wait to see you all again soon. love to you all!!!