Four Month Well-Baby

Today was Eddie’s four month well-baby appointment, and he couldn’t have been a happier little guy! He absolutely loves going to the doctor! I think it’s because he gets to lay around being half-naked. Maybe he also loves that paper he gets to lay on and kick. Or perhaps it’s all the nurses who gather around him and tell him how handsome he is. Whatever it is, he was chipper as ever today!

We had a different doc today due to a scheduling mix up, but she was very nice and did a thorough check up of our guy.

He weighed in today at 17 pounds, 10 oz! He is getting closer to doubling his birth-weight of 9 lbs, 8 oz! This puts him in the 80th percentile for weight.

He measured in at 27 inches, which means he’s grown 2 inches from last time keeping him in the 95th percentile for length.

His head measured 45 1/2 cm this time which puts him in the 100th percentile for head size! She asked if big heads run in the family (if you know the Riemersma kids, you know we have big noggins), because otherwise we might have to watch that. His head, however, is proportional to the rest of his body and she said he is moving right up the growth charts at a normal rate!

She also gave us the go-ahead to start trying rice cereal with him. She even said we could mix it with a little Gerber Juice if we want to for taste. We are going to work this week on swallowing it first, though I think, before we get fancy with juice! We are both excited to see how he likes it!

Of course the end of the appointment came and Eddie needed to get his second round of shots (he got his first round 2 months ago). We had to really hold his arms down this time since he can grab at things, and boy howdy did he get MAD! His whole head turned red and he let out a POWERFUL wail when the shots were given.

Once daddy picked him up, he was a little more brave though.
All in all, our Big Guy is pretty healthy. He is sleeping peacefully now while those shots take their toll on his immune system, but all in all he’s been a pretty happy guy since we got home–just like normal!

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  1. missy widener says

    big guys rule. especially when they are crazy adorable. enough said.