Down With The Sickness

Yup, this picture says it all. The flu hit Sluiter Nation this past week.

It all started Monday morning when Eddie woke up from a little nap in his swing just spouting puke everywhere. Cort was pretty freaked out because we have only had our little guy spit up, never full out vomit before. After getting the swing taken apart to be washed along with numerous burp cloths and Eddie’s clothes, Cort cuddled our guy back to sleep. Later, Eddie threw up again, this time all over Cort and the carpet. After a third bout of throwing up, Cortney finally called the doctor.

Eddie didn’t have a fever, so the doctor told Cortney to keep Eddie hydrated by giving him small amounts of formula at a time. This ended up working, but as you can tell from the above picture, our little man was wiped OUT!

He bounced back pretty well, even though he had a formula aversion for another few days. By Thursday he was a happy little clam…and his mama was throwing up. Don’t worry, the picture below is not my actual sick bucket and towel, I thought that would be too graphic for the blog, so I just staged it.
Cortney took very good care of me all day Thursday, but by late Thursday afternoon, the sickness hit him too. Both of us had the worst case of the flu either of us can remember!

By Friday afternoon our fevers had broken, and we were sick of “sick food,” so my mom brought us soup and bread from Panera. It was delightful and it helped us to feel almost like ourselves by bedtime Friday night.
By Saturday everyone was feeling pretty good, and since it was such nice weather, I threw open the windows and bleached everything imaginable. Sunday I washed every linen our germs could have come in contact with.

I believe I can now declare our house germ-free. Until I go back to work tomorrow.

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