Eddie’s New Friend

My beautiful friend, Missy (you may know her from the zillion photo shoots we do with her), had a beautiful baby, Ethan, to add to her beautiful family. And we visited that beautiful family today.

Ethan is going to be Eddie’s buddy for sure. Check out the stats:
Eddie was born June 23, Ethan was born September 24
Eddie was 9 lbs, 8 oz, Ethan was 9 lbs, 9 oz
Eddie was 20 inches, Ethan was 21 inches.
Both delivered via C-Section…both perfect and adorable!

Clearly they were born to be best buds! But before that…
I held the little muffin pretty much the whole time we were there. Yes, I am a baby hog. I just couldn’t believe that three short months ago this was how tiny (yes, I said tiny…we mamas of big boys have to unite!) my little pumpkin was!
And Cortney held him for a spell. Do not be deceived…those aren’t massive feet, just massive booties.
Jeff held Eddie. And Presley loved on Eddie. There was a whole lot of love and babies going around.
Did I mention that Eddie loved Jeff? I seriously think it’s Jeff’s beard. He just looks cuddly!

We are so happy for our great friends! We hope they enjoyed our company today and we can’t wait to spend time watching our kids grow together! Love you, Wideners!

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  1. missy widener says

    how did I miss this post!! love it! thank you, we love you guys, too, and look forward to lots of visits together!! and you are right, those booties make his feet look huge, and I love how he crossed them so cutely on cort….and I think jeff loved eddie just as much….you guys rock, I still am smiling over all of your kindness, food, and company. AND I just washed the owl jammies…tomorrow night it is, right after bath….yeeess….
    and lastly, our babies are tiny little cuddle monkeys. jeah.