The Unofficial End to Summer

Labor Day weekend is usually thought of as the unofficial end to summer. It’s always a little sad since our family LOVES summer and all the summer fun that can be had in West Michigan. This year is not different. Although our summer has been ridiculously busy (2 siblings were married and we had a baby…in case you forgot), and unseasonably chilly, we are still going to miss the long days and “warm” weather.

To end the this summer, we thought we should have some fun. Last year we went to see the Whitecaps with the Visels, and since it was so much fun, we thought we would do it again this year. My parents took Eddie for the day/evening and we went to pick up our great friends for a fun night out!
Look at these guys…how can you not have fun with them. They exude F-U-N!!!

And I love this girl! We always do lots of laughing together…even when the Whitecaps are not really doing all that well! And notice Ben back there…that guy is full of…um…fun.
It was San Diego Chicken night. I had no idea what that meant. How much fun can a dang guy in a chicken be? This guy was hilarious. Definitely worth the price of the ticket–more so than the game, in fact.
He even had some followers. Hilarious.
Did I mention that this couple is fun? HUGE fun!
The caps were down by like a million, so Cort put his rally cap on and bit his nails.
It did not help. The Caps lost. Poor Crash…he was so sad.
We still had fireworks to look forward to though…those crazy Visels “walked the dinosaur” with the rest of the crowd before fireworks.
Oh the anticipation! They were very nice fireworks and we were so glad we had the opportunity to spend a fun night out with our great friends…and no kids!
The next day we were invited to take the boat to the beach with the Visels and the Swanbergs, but due to many obstacles here in Sluiter Nation, we had to opt out. I was pretty bummed about it, until Cort helped devise a new plan. I got to work on Eddie’s baby book during the day while we watched the Tigers game (go Inge and his grandslam!!!!) and then we suited up for a walk on the pier to visit Papa Steve. Eddie had never been out there, so we decided it was time.
At home I had thought Cortney was ridiculous in insisting that Eddie wear pants and a hat (“it could be pretty chilly out on the pier,” my boy scout of a husband insisted), but once we got out there, I realized he was right. Eddie was quite comfy on daddy in the Bjorn!
We took a walk out on the pier to watch the boats come in from their big day on the Big Lake and to say “howdy” to Papa Steve.
We watched for our friends…and saw Grandma Lynne come through the channel on our walk back up the board walk.
I think Eddie had a good time saying “hi” to his Papa Steve. Pay no attention to the fact that he slept through it!
After our walk we decided to go up to Anchorage for dinner. To our surprise the Visels had decided to stay for dinner and were up there with the Swanbergs, so we were able to join our “Alto Family” for dinner! It was GREAT! Toward the end of dinner, Grandma Lynne came up with more of our marina family and we were able to see many of our great friends. All in all, a day I was sad about turned into one of the best days!

Today we celebrate Labor Day by not doing a whole lot. Like my friend, Roy, I’m proud to be a member of a labor union and I–along with the other members of Sluiter Nation–would like to wish YOU a very happy Labor Day!

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