Wrapping Up the Baby Doctor Appointments

Yesterday was my very last appointment with Dr. VanHeest, my OB that I have been seeing throughout my pregnancy and the doctor who delivered Eddie.

Cortney took an extra long lunch so I could go to my appointment and not worry about Eddie getting fussy–it’s a good thing because I had to wait and extra 20 minutes or so because Dr. VH was in a C-section when I arrived. I did catch some grief from the nurses and receptionists though. In fact, one said, “wait, is this your postpartum appointment? where is the BABY? didn’t you know that is part of the appointment? bringing in the baby for all of us to see?” oops.

The appointment itself went great. I have lost all my pregnancy weight plus some! All my maternity clothes have been put in storage, so I suspected as much, but it was still great to see it right there on the scale! My hemoglobin count was also back up (I lost “a fair amount” of blood during my surgery, according to the nurse), and my incision looked great!

I also found out that I don’t necessarily have to have another C-section. It will all depend on the positioning and weight of the next baby. If Baby #2 is smaller and face down (Eddie was face up and massive), a V-BAC birth is not out of the question. However it will be up to me what I want to do.

Speaking of Baby #2, the good doc and I discussed that too. Because of the C-section he recommened NOT getting pregnant for at least a year. I assured him that was NOT going to be a problem…in fact, the discussion of WHEN Baby #2 will make an appearance is not really on the table yet, so we took care of worrying about that too. We are good with ONE baby right now!

I was also given the green light to resume exercising and other “normal” activity, so I am excited to get back to the gym this fall and continue getting back into shape!

So that is it for my OB appointments! Only Ped appointment updates from now on…which Eddie will have at the beginning of September, so stay tuned!

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