Rock On With Your Bad Self

Remember this post? Eddie finally fits into those Pearl Jam onsies his daddy bought him! Cortney started looking for and at Pearl Jam onsies when he found out we were going to have a baby, and when he found out Eddie was a boy, he purchased the one Ed has on and another one (the one pictured in that other post).

Doesn’t Eddie look excited about his outfit? Ok…maybe he looks nervous…but let’s just pretend that is his rocker ‘tude coming through!
See…not so nervous to take a snooze while advertising his love of the best band on the planet!

What a proud daddy to have his son sport such great gear! I believe there will be other music advertising and appreciating going on around here…knowing us….this is JUST the beginning!

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  1. missy widener says

    seriously? that is so awesome. I love it with his black striped socks rocking it in his bouncy…that picture is the best. and the one with daddy strategically matching his shirt to the pearl jam and skull on eddie's? seriously. love it.