Eddie’s First Doc Visit

Yes, I am that mom that took pictures IN the exam room for Eddie’s first doctor visit. I couldn’t help it! He looks rather pleasant here, doesn’t he? He sprawled out, almost nude, quite comfortably for awhile…then…MAD! He was hungry and could NOT be pacified any other way. Oh boy. So he was noisy for the second half of his visit.

What did we find out today, you ask? Well, His weight is now 10 pounds, 2 ounces which puts him in the 90th percentile for weight. He is now 22 inches long which puts him in the 97th percentile for that. And his head is 38 inches which puts him in the 75th percentile for that. According to Doctor Anica, he is doing just fine.

Then was the question/answer portion of the visit. Yes, Cortney and I kept a list of questions over the past week ranging from “can we use lotion on his molting skin” to “why does our baby only poop every 36 hours.” The Doc was patient with these new parents and assured us everything was normal and/or “curable” with home products.

His sneezing? A little nasal saline and the squeeze ball thing.

His poop issue? Try a teaspoon of Karo syrup in his bottle (iron in formula can back a baby up, apparently).

And the best thing…he gets to do tummy time now…which he LOVES (apparently most babies do NOT love this). Since Eddie is a gassy little guy, lying on his tummy feels nice, so we are excited to start that with him. And he already has a pretty strong neck, so we look forward to seeing him raise his head and peek at us from his spot on the floor or bed.

He got so fussy during checkout that daddy had to take care of scheduling the next appointment while mommy took Mr. Mad out into the hall. Then we fed him a bottle, put him in his carseat, and he slept the whole way home. Ahhh.

Next appointment isn’t until September when he will be just over 2 months old. He gets shots then, so we are a little nervous, but we survived all the screaming today, we can survive it again in a couple months!

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  1. Visel Mum Mum says

    Oooo he is going to hate the nasal ball. But sometimes it is just necessary. Tummy time will be great! I hope I get to see some when I am there tomorrow. I am glad everything went well. Next appointment with the shots will be harder, you will most likely cry (I did). But it is just one of those necessary things again! You will survive you are one tough MaMa. 🙂 See you soon.

  2. designHER Momma says

    Glad he's healthy – big blessing!

    The questions never stop, the just become more infrequent. Good thing just to keep a running list!

    Congrats to you guys, I can't wait to have a newborn…