Baby’s First Fourth

I think I’ve mentioned it in years past, but the Fourth of July is a pretty special time for us. It rivals holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving for us. First, the Fourth is a BIG holiday for boaters and Cortney has been a boater his whole life! We LOVE our marina family, so we headed out Friday to see everyone and introduce them to Eddie before they all hopped on their boats to see the fireworks. We passed on the fireworks this year because it was just too much for Eddie’s (ok, and MY) first time out of the house. But we loved showing off our new guy to those who have loved him from before he was here!

The second special part of the Fourth is that we get to see some of our best and oldest friends! Marina friends are included in that of course, but those who have been our BFF’s since middle school (and some even older than that) come to town. Phil and Liz, for instance, have moved to South Carolina and we haven’t seen them since last summer! So we got Eddie all ready to first stop at his Granny’s pool and then head out to the lake to meet the “Busscher” group!

Liz loved Eddie from the start…for one because he was a baby…and for another because he was SOMEONE ELSE’S baby. She was great at walking him around!

The weekend was also great because Tonya and Jer were in town and they not only got to meet their “nephew” (who they assure me they will spoil rotten), but also to have a drink with me…my FIRST in 9 months! I only had one (I DID have abdominal surgery 12 days before, you know), but it was tasty nonetheless!
Erin was in from North Dakota (sans Brad because apparently you “have to make hay when the sun shines.” I have no idea what that means…I just know he had to do some “ranch” stuff) and she was eager to meet the littlest Sluiter as well! She did quite well with him…maybe she will have to have a little friend for Eddie…hmmmm?
Eddie came home all tuckered out from such a big weekend! In fact, he cried for about 3 hours after we got him home and fed. Cort and I figured it was gas, but there has been speculation that he just wasn’t ready to quit partying yet….
…if that is the case, he is DEFINITELY his mother’s child!

Happy Independence Day!!!

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  1. missy widener says

    is that a bib?! look how tiny he looks in it! love the hat and all the cute pictures! he is still so tiny, I must see him again soon!

  2. ErinDoobs says

    OMG, WAY too cute in the hats!!!!!