We’re On His Schedule Now

It seems like “finishing touches” are never REALLY finished. Even though the baby showers are done (for now…I believe there is one more lurking out there after Eddie arrives), we still weren’t finished with getting ready for him.

Monday, Cortney and I drove out to 28th Street and to Babies R Us and picked up the remaining “necessities” for Eddie’s arrival. We got our infant carrier/travel system, and extra car seat base, a baby gate, bedding, a changing pad, and I’m sure more. We made it all into the car before the big storms rolled through.

Tuesday morning I found homes for all the finishing decorating and comfort touches in Eddie’s nursery.

Later in the week, I figured since I was under 2 weeks away from my due date, I should probably have some things packed and ready for whenever Eddie would decide it was time to arrive. I ran some errands to Barnes and Noble (I need something to read while in the hospital), and to GAP for post-hospital clothes (ok, sweats) that will be cute enough for visitors. I may have also found a few cute things for Eddie. Not that he needs more clothes. Ahem.

Anyway, I packed our bags when I got home: one for me, and one for Eddie.
Today, Cort pulled some of the items out of the nursery that needed to be assembled and found different homes. We put the umbrella stroller, pack n play, and baby gate in storage downstairs. But not after we tried out the baby gate. Yup. It works.
Now we wait. As Uncle Rick VW said to Cort this week, now we are on Eddie’s schedule…and we will be for years and years and years. So I guess we may as well get used to it. Hopefully Ed decides to stay put long enough for his mom and dad to play their roles in his aunt Kenzie and uncle Dave’s wedding next weekend!

Tomorrow I have another doctor appointment, so I hope to have more to report then. Until then…we wait.

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  1. Meyers Family says

    excited to meet him soon!!!! and good luck reading in the hospital, let alone resting with all the visitors. take FULL advantage of sending him to the nursery while there………it's the only time you will get a halfway decent night's sleep for a LONG time – and don't feel guilty doing it 🙂 good luck with it all!!!