Showered Marina-Style

Saturday was my last shower before Eddie arrives, and it was another GREAT one! My very wonderful friend, Trisha, threw a shower for the marina ladies. As Cortney says, the marina friends are really like an extended family, and he is SO right! Trisha did SUCH a great job making the morning so very fun! And it was so kind of Fran Phinney to open up her home for the location of the shower. I think everyone had a great time!

The decorations were all cute little baby boy things with pictures of Cort and me as babies thrown in for good measure. Man, did everyone like looking at those! Our newborn pics even made the cake (Cort is on the left, I’m on the right)! Awwww! And…because Trisha knows me so well…that is Meijer chocolate cake! YUM!

First we played games! I’ll tell you what…those marina ladies are COMPETITIVE! It was so fun! We played Nursery Rhyme Jeopardy, Name the Baby Animal, and a version of The Price is Right where we had to guess the prices of items.

Then it was time for food!!! The spread was DELICIOUS! Liz clearly agreed!
Trisha made these baked ham/swill rolls. They were a HIT! I’m hoping to make these soon again…YUM!
Then it was time for gifts! Talk about generous! Cortney and I were excited to get everything from necessities….like burp clothes, bottles, nipples, and sheets….
to books….since we LOVE to read!
Lynne bought Eddie a toy box! Cort put it together on Sunday and it fits just perfectly in the nursery! And I must say, Fran and Leone were great models for this!
We also got a bunch of super cute outfits, of course. I mean, who can resist buying those little things!?!
Then it was time to dig into that chocolate cake! YUM! Trisha gave me my own face. A little weird, but I ate it anyway. I do NOT turn down chocolate cake!
Overall it was such a great morning! Once again, Cortney and I were overwhelmed with the generosity of our friends and family. We can’t WAIT for Ed to get here to meet everyone who already loves him!
Oh….and JUST in case anyone was still unsure…Trisha took the above pic! Ha! Great day!

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