OB appointment – 37 weeks

We are getting very close now! Today was my 37-week appointment. If you remember, last week I was STILL measuring about 2 1/2 weeks or so ahead of schedule but not appearing to be anywhere NEAR ready for labor, so Doc VH wanted to do an ultrasound this week. After measuring my tummy again (the growth has slowed down…now I am about a week and a half ahead of schedule), and listening to Ed’s heartbeat (a nice steady 128…he must be slow in the morning like his mother), the doc jelly-ed up my tummy for the picture show.

I must say, an ultrasound at 37 weeks is NOT as fun as at 20 weeks. At 20 weeks you get a full picture of the baby and how cute he is. Not so much this time. As I laid there watching Doc VH, his med student, Haley, and Cortney all stare at a screen I couldn’t see, I kept wondering why they all looked so dang serious. So…you know me…I asked. The doc chuckled and said it just wasn’t all that interesting and showed me that he was looking at a bone. Yeah, not interesting.

Then he showed me how he was measuring fluid. Whew…also incredibly NOT interesting. What WAS interesting was that we did get major confirmation on the fact that Eddie is in fact a boy. The “equipment” as the doc called it, showed up better than anything else on the ultrasound. Go figure! And whenever I moved (for instance when I started chuckling at it), IT moved. Lovely. Yup, he’s definitely a boy!

After the ultrasound, the doc estimated that Eddie probably weighs around 7 pounds, 10 ounces right now and will gain approximately an ounce a day until delivery. And because my, um, “conditions”, are not yet favorable for that, he is making the guess that I probably won’t see any signs of labor at least through next week yet.

That being said, he also thinks that I probably won’t make it all the way to my due date of June 23 either.

My next appointment is Monday, June 15 where he will do an exam and HOPEFULLY “conditions” will start to look more “favorable”.

So…start praying for “favorable conditions” and for me to NOT pack on many pounds (causing Eddie to pack on extra calories he doesn’t need). Oh…speaking of that…I was DOWN three pounds this week–and my feet weren’t swelling. So my pregnancy weight total is now at 21 pounds…something my doc referred to as “extremely acceptable”. Which of course means that those huge feet I had weighed an extra pound an a half each. Dang!

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  1. missy widener says

    seriously, how can they know the weight, I don't get it! maybe you will have your baby on the day of your appt (that is my anniversary!) then I will remember it always, not that I will ever forget….glad you are doing well…I am making up for your weight loss….