Yesterday was going home day! I can’t tell a lie…I was a bit overwhelmed (and I still get teary writing about it) to leave the hospital and our good old room 3010. I really, REALLY cannot say enough great things about the staff (especially those angels that have the RN after their names!) at Zeeland Community Hospital. I felt so taken care of and it was just hard to leave.

But it was also exciting to know that our journey as a family on our own was about to begin! We still spent most of the day at the hospital. Eddie’s doc came in the morning and discharged him, while mine couldn’t come in until just after lunch. After filling out all my paperwork and having my staples removed, I could go home!

Cort prepped Eddie by putting a new little jammies on him. He took it rather well, and stayed pretty content in his little cart.

Content turned to irritated when it was time to get in the carseat though. Ed was NOT a fan. He really loves to be swaddled and wrapped in a ball and this was NOT Ok with him. Sorry guy, it’s for your safety!

He bawled all the way home. Well almost. We were about 5 houses down from ours when he finally stopped. We pulled in the driveway expecting to find that he had found his fingers to suck…nope, he was completely asleep! What a stinker!

Even after all that time in the hospital with lots of people around, we never remembered to take a family picture other than the one in the OR, so my dad took a quick shot when he and my mom stopped over to bring us dinner.

We also got one with Louis. He was NOT so amused by this new person in his house and he is still treading around quite lightly. I think he’ll get used to it and be Ok eventually.
The adjustment has been a LOT bigger than anyone could have prepared us for, but we are handling it one moment at a time. Cortney has been superman taking care of his new boy and his wife who is still recovering from a little bit o’ surgery. I am doing what I can to help…you know me…I don’t like to sit by the sidelines and watch! Well I do, but not with this! 🙂

We appreciate all the great visitors, gifts, food offers, love, prayers, and everything else you have all been sending our way. We could not be doing this if it wasn’t for all the great support!

Oh…and before I sign off…you can view Eddie online! Go to this link:
And click on Katherine S. Then you will see Ed…you can click on “view full details” to see the pictures better! He is so cute…don’t you think?!?!

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