WEEkend fun with a WEE one.

This weekend, Cortney and I had a little house guest. Our great friend, Trisha turned 30 this week, so her WONDERFUL husband, Ben booked a lovely weekend in Chicago away from the children for her. In doing so, we agreed over a month ago that we would LOVE to take our godson, Joe, for that weekend.

So Friday evening around 5:00, he arrived! We fed him dinner, took him to Meijer, and then it was bedtime. So far so good.

Saturday morning, I left Cort and Joe on their own while I went to my baby shower. When I came home, Joe had had lunch and was snoozing. When Joe woke up, man was he EXCITED to see the balloons! He ran all OVER the place with those things!

One of the new games Cort and Joe came up with was “tub ride.” Joe really loved the tub his toys were in, so Cort put him in it and pulled him around. Seriously, the fun NEVER ends around here! Louis was pretty good, although he did keep a close eye on the little guy that was in his territory.

Saturday evening came, and after some dinner visitors, Joe was REALLY sleepy. He tried to fight it, but eventually, he just started to cuddle up to Cort with his milk, and it was time to throw in the towel…er…blanket. It was bedtime.
Sunday morning he woke up just as attached to his new play friend. Cort busied himself in the kitchen doing dishes, and Joe stuck VERY close. Until his morning nap…
After his morning nap, he found me on the couch and decided to cuddle with me. What a cuddle-bug!!!
Around 4:00, Trisha and Ben were back to pick him up. We knew we would enjoy having our little godson over, but we never expected to be so sad to see him go! He was so fun and so happy! He made us both forget any problems we had and just have fun. You can come back anytime, Joe Joe!

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  1. missy widener says

    you guys are too cute! love the picture of Louis watching intently over Joe, hilarious! you both are so ready….and really, your last monday already?! dude. that rocks. your baby shower monkey pants picture is also sweet. I am a monkey lover myself…and the owls.love it. my baby is going to be creeped out by large eyes staring down at him/her….