Tulip Time Two Thousand and Nine!

I didn’t take as many pictures this year at Tulip Time. I guess it was just harder for me to get around…which is evidenced by the picture above. Tuesday night we went to watch some Dutch Dancing and the long walk (Columbia to River) made my Braxton Hicks contractions kick in and I had to take lots of breaks AND have a nice long sit when we finally got to Centennial Park.

Wednesday was the parade. This year Mike and Ashley joined the group. Trisha took Jake out too this year for his first parade ever! I think everyone had a great time.
Jack and Shayla shared some junk food together. Ok, Shayla shared some of Jack’s junk food…it was so cute and kind how he shared with her!
Like I said, I was just not as mobile as in year’s past, so getting out of my chair was more difficult. This year I missed getting pics of the Klynstra group (they were ALL there including some friends!) and Barbie, Jenise, and Brody. Everyone was there though to enjoy the sunshine and the great parade!

That evening Cort and I ventured back to downtown with Trisha, Ben, and Jake to watch some more Dutch Dancing and get our final fill of junk food for the year. It was a great time! We were so glad the rain held off for all the fun events!

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