OB appointment – 34 weeks

Another OB appointment today! Everything is going great, as usual. I am still measuring 2 – 2 1/2 weeks early, so the doctor thinks we may do an ultra sound at 38 weeks to see where Eddie is and what he may be doing in there growth-wise. Then we can figure out when this baby may be on his way!

My blood pressure was perfectly perfect–even after the stress I was (am?) under with the uncertainty of my job. Apparently while I freak out, my body can remain calm. Good to know!

I also only gained one pound in the past couple weeks, so my total is now 20 for the pregnancy. With around six weeks left, I may just make my goal of keeping it under 30!

Other than that, no other big news to share. I actually had a few questions this time (usually I don’t have any). I asked about my lovely charlie horse in my leg that keeps coming back at night and then sticking around (completely normal….great), and about my itchy stretch marks (also normal…ick). We talked about bottle-feeding and touched on the procedure for calling in and getting to the hospital that he usually encourages when labor starts.

I have another appointment in 2 weeks when I am 36 weeks along. After that I go to every week until Ed arrives! I can’t believe how quickly everything is going! It makes Cortney and I very excited to know Eddie will be here soon, but it also makes us both a wee bit (ok, a LOT bit) nervous too! We both have a WHOLE lot of faith in the other for when “go time” gets here, but we both seem to doubt ourselves a bit. So if you could pray for confidence and strength for us, we would be grateful. We are already grateful for all the wonderful support, love, and graciousness you have all shown so far!!! We are so lucky!

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  1. missy widener says

    you will both be great! charlie horses are so not fun…just think, at least you don’t have a giant tree vein growing on your leg….I need to come over soon I think! Eddie is so ready for his close up!