OB appointment – 32 weeks!

Today was my 32-week check up. Everything was normal as usual. I’ve gained another three pounds, putting my total up to 19 pounds for the pregnancy.

My tummy is still measuring large–about 2 1/2 weeks ahead (35ish weeks)–and he said that MAY mean I will go early! But, it could also mean that I will go on time with a big baby, OR that I may go late with a big baby, OR I may go on time with a normal-sized baby, OR….well, you get the picture. If I could hand-pick the scenario, I wouldn’t mind going 2 weeks early…but since the scenario is already picked, I’ll just have to be patient and wait to see what will unfold for Eddie’s arrival.

Speaking of Eddie, his heart rate has slowed down some. The doc said it’s starting to sound a little slower and more steady–more like that of a baby getting ready to be born that one building all his parts. So that is normal too. Eddie is just in there packing on the weight!

Other than that, I’ve still be feeling great. This week I had a nasty cold that sent me home from school Monday with a sore throat and stuffed up my face for the rest of the week.

All the wonderful motherly secretaries at my school, along with my principal, decided yesterday that while I would normally run myself ragged and play catch up later, while growing a human, that was not such a great choice. So they decided FOR me that I should take today off to catch up on rest and to kick this cold. They could not have been more right. Today was JUST what I needed and I feel so much better! I’m ready for the big weekend ahead.

Oh…and on a non-pregnancy related note: Cortney just got his grades back from this past semester….4.0 again!!! He has completed his first two semesters back to college and has a cumulative GPA of 4.0!!! I am so proud, I could burst! Make sure to tell him congrats! Now he has the whole summer off to be a dad before he goes back again in the fall!

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  1. Too cute to know that you have a whole little baby in your tummy. I mean he already looks like a whole baby!! I am getting so excited. 2 weeks early would be PERFECT…..come on Ed-ster….be good to us!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Soooo excited for you guys!!!! Hugs from Texas, A. Lin 🙂