Big Lady Hopefully Does NOT Equal Big Baby!

This is what my feet/ankles looked like earlier this week. Ok, they look like this right now too, who am I kidding?

Apparently being on my feet all day in a very WARM and humid environment (my school does NOT have AC) is not so good for the tootsies. My very wonderful husband gave them a GREAT massage yesterday and the swelling went down…until today. They are massive again today. The good news is that school is done and hopefully I can keep my feet up a bit more, AND that nothing else is really swelling like that. My fingers are a big plump, but otherwise, no noticeable swelling elsewhere.

In other news, today was my 36 week OB appointment! That is right, I am in month NINE!!! That is the LAST month of pregnancy for all of you out there who live under rocks.

Look at that tummy….sheesh!!!

The appointment went great, as usual. Ed’s heart rate was about 145, which is a bit quick, but it didn’t surprise me since he had been rolling around in there all day like a madman.

I’m still measuring 2-ish weeks early, so next week (yup, I’m to every week appointments now), the doc is going to do an ultrasound to see what the heck Eddie is up to as far as growth. He wants to get an estimate of weight because if Eddie getting too big, I may be delivering earlier than my due date.

It was explained to us that LOTS of factors go into whether or not I will be induced, how far out he lets his patients go, if I will need a C-section…and none of those factors can be answered without an ultrasound.

So…we get an extra glimpse at our guy next Friday! That is fun! Let’s hope he’s not a NINE-pound guy, shall we?

Oh, and I gained four pounds this week pushing me up to 24 pounds of weight gain, although my nurse thinks that about 2 pounds of that is water in my feet, so there you go. Lovely.

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  1. missy widener says

    dude. I just had a flashback of Kim’s feet at Erin’s wedding…awesome. things will get better I promise. but now I don’t feel so alone, your giant feet could root down my tree leg…I KNEW we were meant to be friends…