Spring Break is Over…and We’re Feeling Fine!

Tomorrow is back to business as usual: spring break is over. It’s been a productive week though! I didn’t do a ton of relaxing: I spring cleaned, I finished up some coursework for a distant learning class I am doing, I made 120 thank-you cards (with Trisha’s help…otherwise I would STILL be making punches and cuts!), and I managed to even get the design settled on for Eddie’s birth announcement!

During this week, I also realized I was in my seventh month, so Cort caught my tummy in all its glory for you to see. Oh my! I guess we really ARE getting closer! Only 10 1/2 more weeks! Tomorrow we start a birthing class at Zeeland Community Hospital. I think we are both a little excited and a little nervous about what we are going to learn!

I did get a little pampering and fun this past weekend: my mom and I went shopping on Friday and I bought 3 new pairs of shoes for my somewhat pudgy feet, and on Saturday we spent an hour getting pedicures! Oh! I could do that once a dang week! It felt so good!

Anyway, here I am at seven months. Whew! Look at me grow!

And as for a Louis update….well…as you can tell….

I think he is just fine. He has been happily finding sunbeams all over the house this week…even on surfaces where he is NOT supposed to be (no tables, Louis!).
He has been on an antibiotic all week (which Cortney ingeniously put in a little Cat Sip–milk for cats–so that he would take it with delight instead of struggle), and he seems to be eating a little better. We still haven’t heard back from the vet about the blood tests on his thyroid, but I am hoping for the best since he has been very, VERY normal this past week.

So the Sluiters are chugging along just fine. Cortney has two more weeks of his classes and then he has the whole summer off, and I have seven weeks of school left with students. We are VERY much looking forward to warm weather to spend outside! We are also counting down the weeks until the excitement of the end of June is here!

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  1. missy widener says

    dude, you look HOT in that picture! I love that color on you! and you are so all baby….just a few short weeks until…..jeah. you know.