OB appointment -30 weeks and other baby stuff…

This week has been full of baby stuff! First, on Monday night, Cort and I had the first of four meetings of a class for first time parents at Zeeland Community Hospital. Of course we were there at 7:00 on the nose and had to sit in the last two seats way up front. This probably wouldn’t have bothered me (even though I am a back and near the door kind of girl), but we ended up watching TWO…count them TWO natural birth videos. That was great right up in our faces.

Anyway, Cort and I didn’t learn much at this session that we didn’t know already, but we tried to be good students. See….don’t I look studious?
We are hoping the next few classes will have more information that will be new to us.

Last weekend we finally found a night stand for Eddie’s nursery, so Cort decided to put it together this week. He is so dang handy.

He had a couple mishaps that he, um, “fumed” about, but by the end of the week, it was all put together perfectly and it looks great! Now it just needs a lamp and a monitor on it! All in good time, I suppose!

Thursday night I guess I was pretty whipped from a long week because I fell asleep on the couch. So did Louis…but not so much on the couch as on ME. Apparently now that I have, uh, more “real estate” for him to lie on, he takes advantage. Cortney thought it was pretty funny…hence the picture. Seriously…I am not THAT big that I am mistaken for a bed, am I?

And of course today, after the craziest day at work in a long time, I had my 30-week OB appointment. Yup, we hauled the camera out right in the exam room! You know you love it.

As usual, everything looks good! I am measuring about 2 inches large on my tummy (maybe I will go early? no, he could not confirm that…boo. but I have been consistently measuring that, so he was good with it.), my blood pressure is “perfect” (yup, those were his words!), Eddie’s heart rate is still around 140 bpm, and I have gained ZERO weight in the past 2 weeks. That is right ZERO! Yes, I am proud. So at 30 weeks, I have only gained 16 pounds. I am Ok with that!

Two more weeks until the next appointment…I wonder if I can keep up with doing well on the weight. Perhaps NOT eating monster burritos from Qdoba would be a good place to start. Oops.

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  1. We would have loved this picture more if your feet were in the stirrups!

  2. Anonymous says

    I love all the updates on how things are going!!! Your pictures are the best!!!
    Hugs from Aunt Lin in Texas!!!

  3. missy widener says

    damn you posh spice….
    1- I found out I am actually 18 weeks, not 16, with a new due dute (Sept 21), I am inching closer to you!
    2- seriously, you have gained nothing! that is awesome….I will just keep mine to myself, actually I am not even keeping track and they never mention it to me….this so should have been an email…more later…and if you go early only two more months!!