OB appointment – 28 weeks

The hospital was crazy busy today. I am so thankful that I had the forethought to take the day off from work today because THE HOSPITAL WAS CRAZY BUSY TODAY.

Today I had to have my glucose screening test done, so I parked by the hospital entrance instead of the medical building. As I was walking up, 2 different groups of people walked up too with baby balloons and such. Of course I thought, “aw…babies!” Little did I know.

After I was registered and had my little wrist band, I was quickly called in to drink the “orange stuff” in the lab. Nothing out of the usual here; I’ve only ever had speedy, efficient treatment with the lab. As I am downing this orange drink that tastes like a combination of somewhat flat Orange Sunkist soda and that orange drink they used to pass out in Sunday School, the lab tech tells me that NINE babies were born in the past day at the hospital! NINE! I immediately begin to think this may be a long morning.

After I finish up my sugary morning beverage, I buzz over to meet Cort at the medical building for my appointment. We wait. and we wait. and we wait some more. Finally, after 25 minutes, I ask how long it’s going to be since I have to be back for a blood draw in 30 minutes at the hospital. That got me right in…why didn’t I mention that at the beginning? Sheesh!

As I am being weighed I find out Doc VanHeest already delivered one baby that morning and had another mommy in labor PLUS he was double-booked because he was leaving on vacation for spring break the next day PLUS he has office hours in Georgetown this afternoon. SHEESH!!

Fresh with this bevy of info, I am ushered to exam room 3 where I find out my blood pressure is still lovely and that I have gained 5 more pounds (that is a running total of about 16 for anyone keeping track). Then we wait for the doc. And we wait. and we wait some more. Finally I poke my head out because I REALLY need to get down to the lab for my bloodwork. They tell me just to hustle down and back. No biggie.

Well, Cortney had to go get some lunch so he could get back to his office, so I did the rest on my own. The bloodwork, as usual, was speedy and easy. I flew back up to exam room 3 and waited maybe 3 minutes and the doc was ready to see me. All is normal and he is very pleased with mine and Eddie’s progress. Ed’s heartbeat is 141 bpm; as normal as can be.

Tomorrow we will find out the results of my glucose screening. We are praying it stays under 140 because if it is over, it means I am at risk and will have to go through more tests.

I finally made it home 2 hours after I left the house. I am not complaining one bit about the craziness of it all though…in 3 months when it is me in the delivery room, I will be thankful for my doc being there and probably not thinking about anyone waiting in exam room 3!

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  1. Meyers Family says

    you’re lucky if you have YOUR doctor deliver 🙂 we had a different one each time!

  2. missy widener says

    perhaps you should stop going to the ER set for your check-ups….hehehe….just kidding, I am glad everything is going so well and it is doubtful your doctor will be in the midst of a nine baby madness when you deliver so don’t worry….