Riemersmas Always Get the Best Pictures

Over the past almost 31 years of being part of the Riemersma Family, I have noticed something…we are willing to get our picture taken by almost anything…and don’t really feel embarrassed very easily. This is probably why, of all the pictures I took this week, I think this one is my favorite:

Saturday my parents took Cort and me along with Chris and Jack to Byron Center for chicken. We have gone a number of times (my parents have probably been there hundreds of times), but since I am a picture taking fool lately, trying to capture every day of our lives with some sort of photograph, I asked my mom if she wanted to stand by the giant chicken with me. She didn’t even consider it weird, she just hopped in the picture.

We probably looked like tourists or something, but we didn’t care. This was how I wanted to represent our fun night out with my parents, brother, and nephew. Who cares what people think of us standing for a picture by a giant chicken in 20 degree weather.

The chicken, by the way, was as delicious as ever!

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  1. ErinDoobs says

    Reminds me of the Chicken Lick’n (sp?) chicken in J-town. When I was a freshman, the seniors stole it and put it in the courtyard of the high school. Now the thing is shackled to the ground with chains. =)