OB appointment -24 weeks

This morning was my latest OB appointment. I am at 24 weeks as of Tuesday and plugging along nicely, according to the doc! My tummy is measuring exactly right, and I only gained 4 pounds in the past 4 weeks. Apparently this hits just below the average of 4.5 pounds per week, so the doc was very pleased. I was pretty excited about that too! For some reason I had it in my head that I would balloon like no other during this pregnancy, but I’ve been making a real effort to eat (mostly) healthy and keep myself moving even if it’s just a walk or two a week. Apparently it is paying off!

Eddie sounded normal as well. His little heart was up to about 146 beats/minute from his consistent 142 at all the other visits. Nothing weird there. Most of my appointments are in the afternoon, so it could just be that he is more active in the morning (I would agree with that!).

There really isn’t much new to report. This was the quickest appointment yet! Next time, in four weeks, I have my blood sugar test, so I have to fast for 2 hours, give blood, drink some sugar thing, go to my appointment during an hour wait, and then give blood again for the test. Sounds lovely.

After that appointment I go to having to visit the doc every 2 weeks until the end of May! Then we will just be 3 weeks out from our due date! How crazy is that?!?! Where did the time go?

Other than the doctor visit stuff, I am feeling fine. I can definitely tell I am getting bigger though. My lower back will ache if I am in the same position (either standing OR sitting) for too long, and I am starting to get tired quickly again which spells early nights to bed around here.

Both Cort and I are just very excited for June to get here so we can meet our little guy!

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  1. missy widener says

    it is going by so fast!! how exciting….yes the sugar drink is nas-tay, but once it is over you forget all about it (kind of like labor…) and I love your face in the chicken picture…ps- could you please stop being posh spice pregnant!! no really, that is great you are eating so healthy! jeah.