It’s All About Eddie

This week was again full of baby excitement!

On Monday, a package came in the mail with Cortney’s name on it. He was very excited to show me what he had ordered for his son. I can’t say I was surprised to see him pull out two little onsies with Pearl Jam logos on them. How cute are those? Yes, we are trying to establish an appreciation for the magnificent tunes of Pearl Jam at an early age. What of it?

Tuesday we got yet another package in the mail. This one had a return address of South Carolina, so we knew it was from our friends Phil and Liz. Sure enough, that crafty Liz must have been working overtime now that tax season has hit (Phil is an accountant), because she made us…well, Eddie…this BEAUTIFUL quilt! That girl has TALENT!

Also this week we decided since I was now in my 6th month, we better take another side shot to share with our faithful supporters. So here I am in all my sixth month glory! It is just hard to imagine that things are going to get so much bigger! Hopefully I can stay on my healthy (ok, MOSTLY healthy) food kick and on my walking routine.
I will say that as my tummy gets bigger, my legs and butt look a lot smaller! I will take that any day of the week! Ha!

Speaking of my size, I broke down and bought a maternity bathing suit yesterday. I kept telling myself I wouldn’t need to put on a bathing suit until after Eddie is born, but after all the sunny weather, I realized I would want to sit outside and get some sun and possibly hit the pool before the end of June, so when Cortney and I took a mall trip yesterday, I bought a bathing suit. Sorry folks, there will be no modeling of this on the blog. Some things have to be kept not so public!

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  1. missy widener says

    those onesies are the whip
    that quilt is awesome
    and 3-
    your belly so does not look big at look fabulous!
    oh and we are SO doing some shots in that black onesie. yes.