Ready for Eddie…well, almost!

As I posted yesterday, Eddie’s furniture arrived via UPS. Last night Cortney decided to haul in the crib parts and assemble them. Fully aware that this could be a mammoth of a project–many people we had talked to gave us horror stories about crib assembly–he decided to brave it anyway. It was actually a simple job, and was together in no time flat!

Look at that! Cort described it as looking like “mint chocolate chip ice cream” in the baby’s room. Mmmmm! We were so pleased with how it looked we were just very excited to get the dresser/changing table in.
So today, Cody came over and helped Cort lift the dresser/changing table into the room. It was so dang fun to come home and find it in place! And it matches pretty well with my old rocker (that my parents spent countless hours rocking ME in).

I let Louis in to see the new set up of the “green” room. I am not sure he was so amused. He just behind the only piece of furniture he was familiar with and pouted. Eh…he’ll get used to it!

Now I can’t wait to be able to make the bed and start adding decorative touches! I’ve already started a few picture projects for the walls and thinking about other wall decoration options. You know me…there is ALWAYS a project brewing!

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  1. missy widener says

    LOVE that color, and love that you went with a dresser for the changing table, I am despising mine right about now…and that is jeff’s favorite ice cream, I love it! good work…ps- I had to type in disco for the word verification…awesome.