Five Months and Counting

It’s hard to know what to tell people when they ask the question, “how far along are you?” Technically, I am almost 20 weeks, which is the halfway point of pregnancy. However, those who are really good at math (ok, even mildly good at math), then determine that pregnancy equals 40 weeks and that would be 10 months, not 9. At which point I am given a weird look.

The reality is that pregnancy really is 40 weeks, but it’s measure from BEFORE the egg is actually fertilized. Sound complicated? I am not going to go into a whole lesson here, but what it really means is that at 20 weeks, I am in my fifth month.

So, because in my fifth month the “baby bump” as it’s called, has started to show, my friends who are already mommies have convinced me that although I do NOT love getting my picture taken right now, it will be fun to look back at the growing “bump.” So…because I am not too shy to share…this is what the bump is looking like at five months:

Now, many of you have also been asking about cravings. While I haven’t had many as of yet, but I have had more a sweet tooth than normal. Usually I can pass on most sweet treats, opting for salty snacks instead. However, our little guy has upset that habit!

Recently, when asked what I wanted for dinner, my answer actually was, “Meijer cupcakes and jelly bellies.” After watching Cortney actually consider (for about half a second) the possibility of making a Meijer run for his pregnant wife, I admitted that I would never eat that for a meal. But when we were grocery shopping yesterday, and I saw the jelly belly display, I–completley like a small child–asked Cort if I could please get some jelly bellies. He chuckled and agreed.

My plan was to only eat a couple a day and have them last all week. Huh. About that. They lasted up until kickoff of the Superbowl when they quickly became history.
The moral of this story is that while they tasted SOOO good, I think I will continue to try to satisfy my sweet tooth with grapes, strawberries, and yogurt and only indulge once in a great while.

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