A Night with the Girls…and guys…and kids…

Yesterday Cortney and I braved the snow and wind and drove down to Mattawan to see the WMU gang of girls and their families. There are six of us girls and our husbands. Of the six couples there are eight kids (5 1/2 years and younger) and two on the way! All of our homes are getting too small too fast to host so many people!

Erin and I are the two people who are expecting babies. I am three weeks ahead of her, but I look about 3 months ahead of her since she’s such a tiny little thing!

Because this was supposed to be a Christmas gathering, all the little kids give each other presents. Erin and I expected to sit out this year, but low and behold a few of the girls couldn’t help themselves and bought us some really cute stuff for our babies!

Kim and Matt got us some super cute outfits for Eddie. Seriously, that kid is going to be the best dressed kid ever thanks to all of you out there! 🙂
And Kristin and Scott bought Eddie a little Pooh Bear that squeeks. Aw! So cute!
We have such great times catching up since half of the gang lives on the East Side of the state and the rest of us are spread from Allendale to Mattawan on the West Side. We only see each other a few times a year, so it’s fun to catch up and find out what is going on in each other’s lives. It’s not like the old days at WMU when all we needed was beer, but it’s still fun!

The Girls: me, Whitney, Erin, Kristin, Kim, and Tara

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