A Typical Sunday

Today was just a typical Sunday in Sluiter Nation, but because of Project 365, I have been taking MANY more pictures of just “typical” things–which means you, my faithful readers, get to see more of our “typical” lives. Lucky you! 🙂

So here are a few things you will find if you were a fly on the wall on any given Sunday….

Cortney feeding Louis a fiber-laced “treat” of a meal: soft cat food mixed with Meijer brand fiber. Hey, the cat is old. He doesn’t know we are “softening” him up, he just thinks he gets a Sunday delight each week!

Cortney paying bills. Yup, Sundays are bills day. Cort busts out his cute glasses and plants himself in front of the computer downstairs and makes sure our lights and cable stay on, our phones still work, and our house is not taken away. He’s been in charge of this for all 3 1/2 years of our marriage, and nothing has been shut off or taken away, so he must be doing a great job!

Me doing various projects. Sundays are usually reserved for reading or doing projects…you know…those things you all are always asking me where I find the time to do them? I guess the answer is Sundays! Today I worked on getting my Project 365 album caught up. In fact, all three of the pics on this blog were put into the book today. Thanks to Trisha, I found out that Picasa3 (a free picture-editing download from Google) can help me to do cool stuff to my pictures. So not only was I printing a bunch, but I was editing them too. That is why I am all curled up on the living room floor.
Just a day in the life of the Sluiters! And don’t forget…Thursday is the BIG DAY!!! We find out if Baby Sluiter is Baby GIRL Sluiter or Baby BOY Sluiter! Oh my!

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