Winter Fun at Riemersma Acres…

This past Saturday, while Chris had to work, my mom and dad and Mike and Ashley and I decided to entertain Jack with some good old fashioned winter fun. My dad started it when he decided to build Jack a snowman…a VERY LARGE snowman!

Dad rolled the first ball, which got Jack to thinking he could roll the second. hmmm…that first one is bigger than Jack!
Dad decided to help him out a bit with the rolling.

As dad completed the stacking, he noticed that Jack (that would be the small red jacket WAY in the distance of the pic) was nowhere to be found. Apparently Mike and Ashley on Ice was more entertaining that Grandpa with the Big Snowman.
Mom was determined to see the snowman complete, so she outfitted him with some swell winter duds. Check out that snazzy red scarf!
After the snowman fun, we went to find Jack. He was, indeed, by the fun on the ice…just munching away on some snow. Don’t worry…I warned him about yellow snow.
I am sure it was NOT me who taught Jack to chuck his snow at Grandma!
I mean, my mom and dad were having their own snowball fight! Get him, mom!
In the meantime, Mike decided to show Jack the ropes of ice skating.

Ashley even showed off her skills at shooting some puck!
Mike even showed Jack where NOT to skate. Yeah, he’s a responsible uncle.
Aren’t they cute…Mike in his hockey skates and Jack in his Spider Man boots!

Mom and I couldn’t go in the house without getting a quick pose by our friend the snowman. Mom looks cute, but why, oh why am I standing like I am already 9 months pregnant. Good grief!
The snowman artists…aren’t they so cute! I am trying to convince them to use this as their Christmas card next year…I think they need some encouragement, so feel free to tell them how much you want to see this come through the mail next Christmas so you can post it on your fridge!
Saturday reminded me of how cool it was to grow up in a house where I could ice skate, sled, cross country ski, make a snowman or a snow angel, or have a snowball fight all without having to leave home! And of course, mom still serves up hot chocolate complete with a candy cane!

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  1. okay, I so feel like a bad mom having not yet built a snowman with my kids but it is cold!! love your winter fun pictures…and ps- thank you for always commenting on my blog, you might be the only one and I appreciate it!