OB appointment – 12 weeks!

Today at 3:30 I had another OB appointment. I decided since the weather report was iffy for today, I would take the day off just so I could make it to my doc’s office in Zeeland on time. It was a nice day off because I could sleep in and finish up some Christmas and birthday wrapping and just take it easy.

Cortney met me at Zeeland Community Hospital right on time for the appointment. Knowing that it was late in the day, we were prepared for a little bit of a wait. We didn’t see the doctor until after 4:30, but he came in wearing scrubs and those footy things, so I assumed the hold up was for a pretty good reason. He IS a baby doctor after all, and if I am lucky, I will go into labor during the day and hold up his patients too!

Anyway, today was sonogram day, so he took out the COLD gel and started rubbing the little listening instrument on my lower gut. I have to say I pictured this to be MUCH better than the ultrasounds (which Cortney describes as sort of a violation), but comfort-wise it really wasn’t. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a doctor’s appointment where I get to keep all my clothes ON, but the pushing around on my tummy really just felt weird and made me have to pee. And he pushed here and there and everywhere and we STILL couldn’t get a heartbeat out of this kid! So, as I began to worry, Cort noticed and asked if we should be concerned. Doc Van Heest said no, and maybe I should try to empty my bladder. If there was any liquid in there, it could be making it hard to hear the puny little heartbeat.

So I hustled down the hall and “emptied my bladder,” while Cort waited patiently in Room 3. When I came back, the Doc tried again…this time SUCCESS!!! There it was…160 beats per minute! And just as the biggest grin came over my face, the battery died on his little doo-hicky and that was done. But we didn’t care…we had a heartbeat!

My mom is convinced baby Sluiter is a girl…Cort and I really don’t care either way. I have a tendancy to refer to it as “she” while Cortney tends to refer to the baby as “he,” so there you go. The fact is, it’s still too early to tell. Our next appointment is in four weeks (January 6). This is all uncharted territory for us now and it’s REALLY exciting!

Thanks to everyone who has been holding us in their thoughts and prayers…we all (me, Cortney, Louis, and baby) appreciate it! 🙂

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